5 Things That Can Bring Wealth, Prosperity, Happiness And Peace At Home


According to some religious beliefs, we should keep some things at home so that wealth, prosperity, happiness and peace will always be there with you. Let us have a look upon these things that can bring massive wealth in astrology:

1.The urn (Kalash): The urn is a motif to bring peace and harmony at home and hence keeping the urn at home can lead to happiness and peace.

2. Swastika: Swastika is a symbol of power, good fortune, prosperity and well being. Keeping a metal swastika in the pooja room can make the home full-fledged with happiness and peace.

3. The Conch (Shankh): According to religious beliefs, the conch is one of the fourteen precious jewels got during the churning of the ocean (Samudra manthan). Hence keeping this in the pooja place of the home can bring lots of happiness and peace. The sound of conch can maintain an atmosphere of positive energy inside the home.

4. Lamps and Pans: Lighting lamp and aromatic sticks regularly at home can always maintain prosperity in that home. All sorts of negative energies will stay away from houses where lighting lamps are performed regularly.

5. The bell (ghanti): The sound of the bell can make the atmosphere pure and sacred and thus removing all kinds of negative energies and inhabiting happiness and prosperity.



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