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The Mercury Planet – The Planet of Communication

It is quite interesting to study the transit of the planet Mercury. The transit of any planet has its own importance as per astrologers and these transits are the powerful indications of the horoscope of any person. The transit of the Mercury planet indicates the shift of the mental focus and all the attention when it transits the houses in the birth chart and the planets. Like many other planets in astrology, Mercury has its own influences on few aspects of the human life.

The planet Mercury and its Transit

The Mercury planet is known to affect various things in our life like the kind of communications we have with other people, it is an indicator of travel and is known to give short trips in every day routine when it is in regular transit in the birth chart. The planet Mercury signifies communications received as well as sent, during its transit. The person who is presently having a Mercury transit might also receive many letters, telephone calls and also unexpected visits which are known to be quite fruitful.

Mercury is also known to rule the rational mind and gives a clarify of thoughts and ideas in the minds and this is more significant if the planet Mercury is not under any kind of affliction during its transit in the birth horoscope. Many an events also begin if the planet Mercury is under retrograde and also undergoes unexpected termination or does not produce full results which are expected.

The Transit of Mercury in Houses:

The transit of Mercury in various houses indicates several things. If the planet Mercury is transiting in the first house, it is said to be an ideal time to express ones views and also to examine ourselves. The mind of the person is known to be more active, not deceptive and the person needs to have control over the decisions which are taken. The person needs to more relaxed and should remain away from all kinds of serious thoughts. This would help the person to remain away from some serious troubles.

The bad effects of Mercury

If the planet Mercury is afflicted, then it indicates increase in enemies, loss of wealth, fear of being confined, wicked speech, unsteady mind and also change of opinion by force and also shows company of low women.

If the Mercury is in the second house, it shows the right thinking in terms of material, intellectual or the material side. The person might also enter into various negotiations with others regarding money or property which includes business and its expansion. If the planet is afflicted, then the person needs to avoid financial or property deals during the period of transit. The mind is known to become unclean and cloudy and they can also be misled by other people.

This transit of Mercury is also known to give the person a gain of money, reliable goods and friends, good meals and also good success in undertakings but it is also known to give disgrace, scandals and also unjust blames as well.

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