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Holder of all things unconscious – The Moon

To know the planetary of our sun sign is very important. Each of the planets in astrology is known to be a symbolic ruler of one of the Zodiac signs and this is what is helpful for us to understand more about the influences of the planets on the person. Many of these associations have been studied by the Greeks and also by the evidences of the impacts on the human behavior. The planet Moon is known to rule the Sun sign cancer as per the Western astrology and these both are known to be dignified.

The influence of the Moon planet

The study of the influences of the Moon planet on the day to day life of a person is quite interesting. As per the Hindu astrology, the planet moon is known to transit the houses for every 2 ¼ days and has its own significance during this transit. The Natal Moon is one of the very important aspects which needs to be studied and is known to be a very powerful point in terms of the horoscope of a person. The effects which are created due to the influence of the Moon planet are known to last for a couple of hours or even for longer periods during few transits. The effects can be felt for longer periods during the periods of eclipse on the natal moon and this effect is known to exist for several months. The effects which can be seen are change of moods, transient, encounter with others and also passing feelings.

Moon, women and personal relations

Moon is known to signify women and the transit of Moon indicates various kinds of encounters with women. Patients of both the sexes in mental cases are known to be effected during the transit of the Moon. If the Moon planet is in the 5th house of the birth chart, as per the Hindu Astrology, this is known to be best time to express the emotions and to reconsider the relations like friendship if the other person is not comfortable enough.

The effect of Moon in Love and friendship

In love affairs, the person is known to experience greater emotional depth than usual and the experience with the person is known to be very intense. This is not seen with the other planets in astrology. But the person needs to careful not be possessive of the opposite sex. This also is known to give increase in expenditure, illness, indigestion, journeys and also loss of money.

People are also known to feel more protective in friendship and also supportive than usual and can also attract others. They shall find friends very easy to get along with due to various emotional reasons. A related effect of the Moon’s transit in the 11th house is also known to bring in a female friend into prominence in the person’s life. Possessiveness is very commonly seen during this transit. Meeting with friends, marriage, sexual enjoyments, and happiness, gain of money, prosperity and good health is also the outcomes of the transit of the Moon in a nutshell.

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