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The planet Sun – Royal Planet of Power and Authority

The Sun is also known as a planet, very much similar to the planet Earth. A transit is known to occur when any planet, which is moving in its own orbit, is known to form an orbit or enters into any house. The transit of the Sun planet is very important as it is known to indicate body as an energy system. The forces of the Sun planet are known to have a great effect on the feelings, health and vigor.

The affliction of Sun in the Natal Chart

Unlike the other planets in astrology, the affliction of the planet Sun can cause some crisis which can create conflicts. The house of the birth chart which is affected by the transit of the Sun points out to the area of the person’s life in which one must express them at the time. In some of the rare cases, the afflictions due to the Sun’s transit can also cause some serious health problems. The planet sun also brings into focus, the issues which are related to the house or the planets where it transits. The transits of the Sun, without any simultaneous transit signify events of low importance. The Sun is always known to be a planet of power, authority and finances. When it gets affected, then all these three aspects are known to get affected in life. The affliction to the Sun in the birth chart or even in the transit also indicates health problems.

When the planet Sun is in opposition to its natal planet, it is said to be seldom fortunate, it lowers vitality, cold, weakness and so on depending on the sign.

How does the position of Sun affect relations?

The influence of Sun is seen when it is transiting in the 7th house. As this is the house which is associated with partnership like marriage, legal, business or existing relations, one needs to examine the relationships they are into. This would help in better coordination. Do not get into anything alone, it always pays to take the advice of others. It is also advised to avoid wearisome travelling.

The Sun Planet and its affect on health conditions

It is always good to take precautions against stomach and annus diseases, indigestion or painful urination during the transit of the planet Sun. This is known to happen when the planet is in the 7th house of the transit. The transit of this planet in the 8th house also indicates ill health to oneself as well to spouse and kids. Some of the other indications are suffering from excessive heat, high blood pressure etc. it is always good to safeguard against disease for the longevity of the person.

When the planet Sun is in the 10th house, it indicates victory over enemies and also successful completion of any undertakings. This also indicates happiness, wealth and freedom from diseases. Gain of money and association with persons of authority can also take place. The person can also have a bigger role in the society which shall increase their standing.

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