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Venus – The planet of Love

As per mythology, the name Venus is known to be a Roman name which signifies the Goddesses of Love and beauty. The Greek name for Venus is Aphrodite. This Venus planet is the one which determines how a person loves, when he loves and whom. Venus is also seen through the naked eye and is also termed as the sister star to the Earth. This shines very bright and is more visible as it is close to the planet Sun. Unlike other planets in astrology, Venus is known to be a morning star as well as a evening star.

Venus and its meaning in astrology

The influence of Venus is seen in astrology through the relationships. The house the planet is in shows how the connections would take place. Venus is known to be a social planet which brings happy social occasions, parties, entertainment and fun. These are best done during the period of Venus. Friendships are more enjoyable. Love is also indicated and it is said to be a good time for existing and also for getting into new relationships. This is also said to be a good period for finances.

There are also a few difficult transits of the Venus planet, expect to Saturn which of all the planets is the most inimical to Venus. The transit to Neptune, though pleasant is known to produce negative, dangerous, delusions in love and relationships.

Transit of Venus

The Venus transit is of several days influencing the whole manner of expressing oneself to others for all kinds of enjoyments, pleasures and happiness. The transit period is said to be good for personal compromise and evade contest. Peace with others, good food, sound sleep, dresses, perfumes, articles of luxury enjoyment of marital relations, success in education, new position and status etc are some of the significant changes one might notice.
The person might also attract other people and it is also known to be a good time to be away for pleasure.

The Venus transit is also known to be a good one for one’s finances and also the material possession. The person may also have a gain of money but the person also needs to have a control over their spending. Investments can be very advantageous especially in beauty and pleasure articles.

The planet Venus and its effects on relations

Domestic happiness and comforts, of amicable nature and congenial atmosphere in the family are indicated during the period of Venus. Good relations with parents, gain of money, comforts, improvement in residence, pleasant journeys are also indicated.

The natal can also experience happiness from children and elders. This is best position for all relationships, love affairs and also romance with partner, wife and co-workers. One can also celebrate marriage if un-married. The person can express the feeling of love and affections to the beloved and this is very equally reciprocated. Any kind of partnership will also be gainful and favorable and will always be of a mutual benefit. The person can also have a gain of wealth through spouse or through your business partner.

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