Effects of the Jupiter in the Twelfth House of Horoscope


Presence of Jupiter in the twelfth house of the Horoscope means the person with a diseased childhood, lazy, benevolent, frugal, editor, greedy and of a wicked frame of mind. Jupiter as an owner of the twelfth house makes the person as an evil performer of deeds, a cheater and inclined towards religious pursuits. In case Jupiter in the upper state, is in its own position and strong then the person attains salvation after death.

In case Jupiter as an owner of the twelfth house gets weaker and afflicted with Sun, Saturn or the Northern node of the moon then it results in insomnia since the effect of sun and the planets creating separation, influence the owner of the planet of sleep. In this case also donning of the stone of “yellow sapphire”, offerings to Saturn and processes of fasting, prayers and recitation of hymns results in peace from this affliction. This disease also creates turbulences in the life of elder sister of the mother and generates bitterness in the relationships of the couple and in case of high degree of malefic effects can result in separation of the life partners.

Following is the opinion of the author of the “Lal Kitaab” regarding presence of Jupiter in the Twelfth House of the Horoscope:[list style=”arrow”]

  • Yoga, meditation and prayers will result in positive enhancement of fortunes. In such a case even if Mercury is ineffective or the moon’s southern node is evil, there will not be any dearth of wealth.
  • Domestic life shall be complete and happy provided the person abstains from the naughtiness of the Moons’ northern node (evil sight, false evidences, cheating and deceit).
  • Shall benefit by carrying out the trades suiting the Planet of Saturn i.e. Iron etc. In case of approaching to people for help, the same shall lead to downfall.
  • Shall not be able to enjoy the fruits of wealth despite being extremely wealthy because the moon’s northern node shall induce him into wasteful expenditures.