Blue Sapphire Gemstone

A blue Safire gemstone is composed of aluminium oxide also known as corundum. It’s beautiful blue colour is mainly due to the presence of cobalt and some other metal. It is usually found in alluvial deposits and also in ingenious rocks. It is one of the most expensive and valuable gemstones that are available in the market.


Neelam or blue sapphire or sauriratna gemstone is one of the most precious gems of the world. It has various mixtures of saturations, various levels of hue and various tonal levels. It is evaluated according to its purity of primary hue. There are some secondary hues like purple, green and violet can also found in blue sapphires. Blue sapphire containing 15% of purple or violet colour is considered as finest quality blue sapphire. Blue sapphire is generally found in Kashmir, Russia, America. Sri Lanka is famous for its best quality in blue sapphire gemstones. In India, Kashmir is famous for its precious blue sapphire gemstones.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

According to Hindu Vedic astrology blue sapphire gemstone is connected to Saturn. It is considered to be the fastest and strongest acting gemstone among the nine other gemstones that are connected to other planets. Blue sapphire gemstone benefits you in your gains, your heath and also in your clarity of thoughts in making decisions. If a blue sapphire suits you then you will see its great results in a short time. It will give you freedom from all your worries and also make you much financially independent.

Remedies Through Blue Sapphire Gemstone

If your Saturn is negative then it can be very malefic and one should always be very careful about it. The person who has negative or malefic Saturn will suffer from many different kind of problem which will lead him to become deceitful, melancholic, lazy, lethargic, avarious and sceptical. Neelam with combination with other stones will help you with several health related problems. By wearing blue sapphire gemstone you can cure your bone cancer, nerve disease, paralysis and kidney troubles. Wearing it will give its wearer fame, money, name, good health, a long life, prosperity, mental peace and good children. It will protect him from his enemies, travel problems, thieves, and natural disasters and against danger. It will help him getting a good job and make him financial successful person.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Neelam

If you have disease like nerve tension or neuroses disease due to having bad Saturn then wearing a sapphire will really help you in recovering from the disease. Blue Sapphire Gemstone astrology benefits People who are scientists, writers, doctors, astrologers, machinists, mechanical engineer, surgeons, prison warden and soldiers.

Methods of Wearing Neelam

You can wear neelam in your right hand’s middle finger on Saturday. It should be studded in gold or in iron. In order to benefit from neelam good effects one should wear it with combination with other gemstones. If your Saturn is debilitated in your birth chart then you should wear good quality neelam for reducing its bad effects from your life. You should always consider an astrologer before wearing it and also buy original gemstone form the market.