Gemstone of the Mercury – Emerald

• Emerald – The Complete Enhancer of Love and affection
• Emerald – Bestower of Success in trade
• Provider of Happiness and Peace in Domestic Life
• Emerald will awaken the dormant fortune

Characteristics: This Gemstone is of rich green colour. Extremely sparkling, smooth and delicate to touch, it is beautifully pleasing to the eyes, It has a sharp glaring sparkle and due to this sparkling it appears to emit green rays of light. It is available to the extremely fortunate. In olden days, emerald used to be found in temples of repute only. An emerald that is opaque, dry, bald, pitted, contains fractured lines, and with spots is supposed to be an impure stone. An emerald that reflects dual colours or appears with tinges of extreme red or extreme black and appears like the colour of gold is also not a pure stone.

Benefits: Person who dons gemstone of emerald is bestowed upon with wealth and prosperity. A very speedy growth in accumulation of food cereals and wealth results and the tendency of the body is to be on a healthier side. Black magic and casted spells do not materialise. Damage due to someone’s evil sightedness is prevented. It also prevents from damages due to spell casted for damages due to ambush (Ghaat), the hilt magic (Mooth Kriya) and the Supreme of all weapons (Braham-Astra). It prevents from insanity, nocturnal and premature ejaculation, snake bites, and the effects of genii and other super-natural forces. It prevents from contraction of the dieses of irregularity of Bowls, diseases of the bleeding of the anus, damages to the Kidneys, continuous urge to urination, setting up of stresses in the mind etc. Donning of emerald results in recognitions from the royal court. It promotes respect in the society and enhances influence on subordinates. Promotes concentration towards studies. Cultivates purity of thoughts. Affinity towards consumption of alcohol reduces. Carnal desires remain under control. Love and affection among husband and wife is strengthened.

Weight: The ideal weight for donning Emerald is from 3 rattis to 6 rattis. Emeralds of weight equivalent to 4, 5, 6 masa should be embedded in a ring of gold. If the stone is of a weight more than 6 masa then it would be ideal to have it embedded in a piece of jewellery. Emerald was widely used in the princely crowns and head gear ornaments adorned by the royal princesses and queens.