How To Possess Any Man or Woman? Chanakya Policy


Chanakya was a great scholar as well as a good politician, he has given many important points to make human life happier in his policies, every person should work by keeping these things of Chanakya in mind, humans following this can easily cross the biggest difficulties in life.

Friends, we know very well that because of their character some people are slaves to them, you can sometimes see, some of your friends do not accompany you only because of friendship, but they also have a kind of selfishness, as long as you are able to fulfill their self-interest, they would be with you, and when you stop doing so, they try to get rid of you, it cannot be rejected that each person in this world will definitely have selfishness in one or other thing. Yes, if you want to keep a person with you or you want to possess him, then you have to look at the policies explained by Chanakya, then only you can succeed in your life. The following are some policies of vashikaran explained by the Acharya Chanakya through which you can possess anyone easily and make them do works according to your wishes.

Acharya Chanakya says in his stanza .

“Lubthumarthan grhviyaathsthabdhamjjalikarmanaa
moorkkshchandaanurodhen yatharthavaadhen panditham”

In this verse, those four types of people have been described and it is been said how to subdue them, let us know how and which people should be enslaved.

1. Greedy : You might have known about the greedy type of people, deceitful greedy people would try to cross any limits inorder to fulfill their greediness. There are many types of greediness, some people have greed for money and some people have greed for things etc.

You might have found such people somewhere in your life, they start talking sweetly to you when they want something from you, and also help you to do your every work, they are even ready to be your slave until they get want they want from you. Yes, Acharya Chanakya is saying that greedy people can be possessed by giving them money, and even in that you do not have to give them everything at once, you can subdue the greedy person by giving little at a time, because if you give everything at once to a greedy person then he will not ever care you again or even obey you afterwards.

2. Proud & Egoistic people : Acharya Chanakya has also told methods to control the egoistic people, the egoistic is arrogant; he used to be proud with whatever he has with him, if you try to break their arrogancy then they won’t be useful for you or won’t do your work, they will consider you as their enemy, and create difficulties for you. Therefore, you should not do this, you can control the arrogant person either by praising him or by saying things folding your hands, the arrogant person is always hungry for his praise, he immediately obeys them who praises him and trust all that you say, therefore Chanakya is saying that you should always be aware not to be enraged against the arrogant person, because of the ego he can misbehave with you.

3. Stupid : A fool is such a person who does not have knowledge of the society or has the knowledge of his own interests, he starts speaking anything without thinking, and starts to write abusive comments about anyone, like a fool, the foolish person always wanders away from the right way and gets stuck in big trouble due to small mistakes, and in life always becomes a victim of failure; Acharya Chanakya is saying if a foolish person get somebody to advice him, then he starts working under his control, he keeps on making mistakes even after teaching him a number of times, and also comes repeatedly for the same advice, that time you can control him if you give advices in rigid language and also favouring him. You might have come across such people in your life, sometimes such foolish people fall under the temptation of wrong ladies and ruin their own life, so if they get any person who can give them strong advice to bring back to their normal life even after doing mistakes, they will be under the control of the person who can advise them.

4. The intellectual person: You all may be amazed that how one can control the wise and the knowledgeable person, usually the wise people subdue others and they are the true rulers, then the great scholar Chanakya, who himself is wise, has given a solution for this. The wise people always want the truth, they always love the truth and support it, so if you want to control him then you have to speak the truth always like if the newspaper you read always prints false news then wise people stop reading it, on the other hand if the newspaper prints the truth that also along with facts, always, then wise people will believe all the news in that paper blindly and also if the newspaper happened to print false news by mistake, then also the wise people will accept that as the truth. Like that if you speak always truth to a wise or intellectual person, he can be in your control and always listens and obeys whatever you say them.



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