How To Protect Yourself From Black Magic


1. How to protect yourself from black magic

Does your sleep open up in between while sleeping at night? Always some difficulties occur at home, whatever work you do the result happens to be bad, all are sick at home, all these make you think somebody’s evil eye is in my house or somebody has done blackmagic on us, yes, when you are most upsset then think like all this and it is right also.

2. Vashikaran black magic

People do not believe this black magic, but they are still active in many places. People often ruin the life of others for their little little mistakes. Whenever someone gets success or wealth, People begin to feel jealous and it turns them to do black magic.

3. Only you are responsible for your problems

Do you know that you yourself are responsible for your problem, it is difficult to do black magic and you are encouraging such people for your small mistakes. Now I am telling you how you could come under someone’s possession and I always care about these things.

4. Cloth of haldi function

Today I am going to tell you how and for what reasons you become a victim of black magic. During your marriage, after the turmeric function, do not throw away your cloths here and there, either burn it or through it in any river. Because the magic done on turmeric cloth will not leave one even after his death.

5. Sindoor

If you are a married woman then do not leave your sindoor outside or do not keep it beautiful to attract anyone because a terrible magic can be done with sindoor which can affect or even break the relation between you and your husband.

6. Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra is a very sacred thread, but it is a very good weapon for black magic. Because of the black magic done on mangalsutra, the person has to remain under the control of ghosts and that person can never live in peace and the biggest danger is that this magic can even kill her husband.

7. Intimate wear

You must have seen the some girls forget to take back her intimate wears that were hung outside for drying. If that happens to be in hands of people doing black magic, they can use you and possess you.

8. Wedding headdress

Has your husband married his love, and he is your enemy now, he who had once sworn to look after your wishes is not caring you now, then he is definitely under black magic. After marriage, you often had ignored those things on which black magic can be done.

9. Sanitary napkin

After the periods, the used pad should be burned, if it is thrown open out of the house like a garbage, then you could become under the control of any evil spirit or if any person doing black magic gets it, he can use you as his puppet for entire life.

10. Wedding bangles

Always keep your wedding bangles safe away from the reach of anyone, because the magic done on wedding bangles are very powerful and can take away your husband from you and can eliminate all the happiness and peace of the home and it can also bring another woman in your husband’s life.

11. Broken hair

Every girl has the habit to fold and throw the broken hair in the hair comb. But never do that , if it happens to get in the hands of any person doing black magic, you could be his victim and be his slave through out the life. So before throwing away, just blow on it for 7 times in order to remove any negative energy over it.

12. The doll

Never keep dolls in your house. It can be seen that children’s rooms are often decorated with dolls. After midnight, negative spirits enter into these dolls which can harm you and your child.

13. Clothes with blood in it

Never throw the cloths containing your blood strains outside or in garbage. Black magic can be done on your clothes, and magic done on such clothes can destroy everything even your clan. So burn such clothes in fire.

14. Paranda

Whereas nowadays there is no trend of paranda but in Punjab, still practice this tradition. Therefore, the girl who uses paranda should keep it safe and when it becomes old then throw it in flowing water, else magic done on this is very harmful that, a married woman may left childless and a spinster may experience delay in marriage.

15. Rescue from Black magic

If you pay attention to all these things then nobody will be able to do black magic upon will never be able to do any black magic and you will always be happy. Else your family also suffer from your own carelesssness, so stay away from all these.



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