Welcome to the Simple & effective world of Astrology.

We feel that astrology is a both a predictive art and an abstract science that can be deployed as an effective tool for pre-emptive analysis of one’s vital traits and characters, abstract nature and thoughts, behaviours and relationships.

We earnestly believe that it is the generation of thoughts in the human mind that is primarily responsible for the emotions and controls the way one behaves. Thoughts are, therefore, the primary resultants of action. And actions lead us to situations which we term as for or against our desired outcomes. This then tends to get tagged, as fate and destiny.

Therefore it is evident that by proper analysis of the prevailing states of mind and the thoughts contained within during any point of time and through application of the corrective procedures for negative states and strengthening procedures for positive states one can control generation of the appropriate situational behaviours and thereby embed into the sub-conscious such actions that circumstantially auto generate to suit to the situation and garner peace, happiness and prosperity.

Thoughts are either self-induced as a result of the situational circumstances like birth, upbringing, socio-economic conditions, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, company or they are imbibed in the psyche by way of accumulation of the fruits of one’s past karmas.

Thus in order to improve the quality of thoughts for quality actions leading to positive outcomes and situations In life, it is to one’s advantage if a logical, scientific and an analytical methodology is available by which the situational aspects of a person can be mapped to standard set of principles devised, designed and time tested by the sages of the yore.

This is what Astrology is all about, in a nut shell. A simple tool to establish the situational aspects of one’s life through logical reasoning, mapping and analysis by proper and in depth study and review of One’s planetary positions, their movements and behaviours and the impact that they imprint on life. Consequent to the outcomes of the mappings of the planetary positions to the time-tested established principles of astrology, remedies evolve.

The remedies as they are called are control mechanisms or the induced triggers towards initiating the pre-emptive action for magnifying the impacts of Positive fields of the life energy and reducing, eliminating or weakening the impacts of the negative fields of the life energy. This improves the Quality of the thoughts within and in congruency to the thought-action-karma-destiny theory, paves way for positive actions which lead to positive outcomes and situations as a result bestowing strength, power, mental aura, riches, peace, bliss, fortune and the like, which we as rookies term as destiny.

We at Astrology News. Org believe that “Ones’ destiny is in his own hands”.

It is with this intent and thought in our mind we have created this website for the classes. To be able to correlate logically, the store-house of our rich experience in the field of astrology to the prevalent circumstances and situations in one’s life for a true evaluation, analysis and remedial suggestions for facilitating attainment of their cherished goals of prosperity, success, peace and growth in life.

There are many who carry analysis for evolving remedies but there are only a few who can gauge this well. One who is diagnosed correctly prescribed aptly and follows religiously, completely and faithfully, reaps the benefits of the process. The ice-breaker is therefore the quality of the diagnosis and that’s’ where we one up above the others.

This is a Website with a difference. This is your Ultimate find. A website set up to create a difference. For believers, it accelerates their journey to their goals. For the skepticals, it is committed to facilitate re-emergence of faith, confidence and belief in this ancient art and science of stars and planets accepted world-wide.

To summarise, this is the end of your search and a halt to your ultimate destination, the one stop gateway to your attempt towards abandonment of your afflictions, mis-fortunes and torments and further empowerment of the already available positive aspects by utilizing this opportunity available in here for our expert analysis and deployment of the recommended solutions for your path to glory in life.