Kundli Dosha

What is a Kundli?

“Kundli” is a Sanskrit term which refers to a description of the positions of planets at the time of One’s birth in form of a Chart which is also called as the Janam-Kundli. It is a term widely used in Vedic or the Hindu System of Astrology and as a tool for recording the planetary positions in the houses of the horoscope.

As per astrological practices, planets and their relative positions are believed cast multifarious effects on one’s life cycles and the events are supposed to be governed on their relative movements and positions.

By recording these positions at the time of birth of a person depending upon the day, date and year and the place of birth they serve as a reference in determining the likelihood of occurrences of various situations in one’s life cycle.

These outcomes are based on various astrological texts and norms established through study, experience and practice by the followers of astrology and astronomical sciences the world around through ages.

What is a Kundli Dosha?

“Dosha” is a Sanskrit word which means “Deficiency”, “Unfavorable”, “flaw”. A Dosha in the Kundli therefore refers to the unfavorable positions or the relative positions of planets in such houses or their occurrences which point towards creation of harmful effects and adverse circumstances in one’s life.

As per the Hindu Astrology certain planets positioned in certain houses of one’s Kundli tarnish or malign the positive effects of the planets and bring hardships on the person inflicted upon by them.

These Dosha are also referred to as the “Gruh Dosha” and have been classified in as many as 21 Dosha in the Hindu system of Vedic astrology.

Some of these Dosha are:

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  • Shani Dosha
  • Mangal Dosha
  • Kaal Sarpa Dosha
  • Guru Dosha
  • Surya Dosha
  • Chandra Dosha

By use of proper astrological Pooja Methods the malefic effects of the Kundli Dosha can be overcome to and the road to success can be regained.

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