Kundli Matchmaking

Kundli Matching or Horoscope Matching

Marriage is a confluence of soul, mind and body. Incompatibility or in congruency in any of these elements is guaranteed to lead to imbalance in the positive energy and life force fields and result in despair, marriage related issues, loss of health, peace and prosperity and ultimately destruction on all fronts.

Keeping these vital aspects of human life cycle, the ancient astrologers evolved a system of Kundli Matching for match making i.e. analysis of the “Nakshatras” (Lunar Constellations) in the horoscopes of both the prospects and thereby evaluating the degrees of compatibility between them. This process is called as the “Guna Milap” or the Guna Matching. Higher the degree of compatibility greater the probability of peaceful, harmonious and prosperous life and lower the chances of ill-luck, issues of health and diseases and even reasons of destruction and death.

Under these systems a classification of characteristics known as “gunas” has been established. Each of these “gunas” has their own aspects and significance and carry weightages in form of points which add up to a maximum of 36. Thus the match-making is carried out by studying and analysing the Horoscopes of the prospects on the gunas and from the point of view of compatibility and arriving at the no. of compatible points between the horoscopes under comparison. Higher no. of compatibility points means higher success of the matrimony.

Match making methodology can also be deployed for compatibility analysis between the opposite genders with minor modifications.

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