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Numerology Reading: Get a Lucky Number

The word Numerology is a hybrid formed by the combination of the Latin word “numerus” meaning “a number” and the Latin word “logos” which conveys the meaning word, speech or discourse. Regarded as an offshoot to the occult sciences, among the art of tantra, mantra, astrology, vaastu, kundli shastra (Horoscope), hora shastra, palmistry etc. Numerology occupies a prominent place in these streams. Numerology is an ancient art of analysing and predicting one’s fate and fortune, characteristics and traits through the study of the numbers.

Numerology has been evidenced to be practiced from very olden times and is known to be associated with cultures of Babylon, Egypt, Greece and India. Renowned Greek mathematician Pythagoras is known to be deeply associated with this science. It is believed that astrology is an off shoot to numerology and later evolved as an individual branch on its own due to acceptance, belief and popularity.

Over a period of time various Numerologists have contributed to the strengthening of this practice by documenting the details of the system describing the significance and meaning of the numbers in terms of their influences on the behaviour, thought patterns, personality, luck, destiny, love life, work and family life etc.

Under the numerological system of fortune telling or analysis of the personality traits is carried out by the “Numerologist” for the identified numbers of one’s name, date of birth, and random selections made by them.

It is by the significance attributed to no.s that numbers like 3, 7, 13 etc. have come to be known as Unlucky 3, unlucky 13 or a lucky 7. Similarly such is the depth of belief amongst the followers of numerology that they have been known to crave for specific sets of no.s in form or either single digit, a series of numbers or the totals that they represent.

Numerology is believed to be a method of identifying the energies available as a result of the influence of the numbers attracted or assigned by way of conversion of the letters of name, city of residence, date of birth. Each of the digits and the totals being associated with a particular set of outcomes is then analysed and is used for conveying the strengths, weaknesses, problems areas and situational analysis for corrective actions.

Occurrence of events in the nature as a cyclic pattern to numbers has also led to a wide spread belief that numbers do have a bearing and influence of the life cycles.

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