Future Prediction With Palm reading

Palmistry is a term widely in use for “Chiromancy” – The science and art of Hand-analysis and reading of the imprints on the Palm. It is known as “Hast Rekha Jyotish” or the “Hast Rekha Shastra” or “Samudra Shastra” in India.

Palmistry or hand-reading comprises of the following:

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  • Study of the Shape of Hands, fingers and nails
  • Study of the Mounts
  • Study of the Lines
  • Study of the signs, markings and imprints


Palmistry is the art of attempting to decipher one’s physical traits, characteristics and planetary influences. Palmistry is believed to be inherently connected with astrology i.e. the forces of the planetary influences on one’s nature, behaviours, thoughts and actions. Through the art of reading of the Palm, the position of the various planets and their degrees of strength and weaknesses on one’s characterization can be deciphered.

Karaagre Vasate Lakshmi karamadhye Saraswati |
Karamuule Tu Govindah Prabhaate Karadarshanam ||

It is also believed that the thought patterns and actions of the sub-concious sub-concious minds are continuously imprinted on the Palms in form of mounts, girdles, lines and myriad of other signs. The stronger of these signs are also carried from and to our past and future births and keep on altering with the changes in our circumstances, interactions of mind and body with self and the surrounding and the actions.

These convictions led the ancient sages, rishis and thinkers of the yore from across the various geographical backgrounds and cultures to study in-depth the structure of the hands, texture of the skin, colour and shape of the nails and fingers and more vividly regarding the lines, mounts, and several other signs and imprints on the palm and assimilated the findings in form of what came to be known as “Chiromancy” and in simple terms as “Palm-reading” or Palmistry, chirlology or hand analysis.

Carried out Scientifically of through Psychic reading of the hand, Palmistry attempts at detailing, itemizing and carrying out an in-depth analysis of markings and imprints on the hand and their shapes, textures and colours of the various parts.

Analysis and interpretation of the results carried out through the art of Palm reading is also utilised by astrologers for basing their astrological calculations and is also utilised as a tool for predicting the timing of events, age and health profile, love life and bearings on fortunes and life-styles and correction of behaviour patterns.

Thus Hand and Palm Reading through correct interpretations facilitates in decision making and providing recourse towards reduction in the circumstantial negativities by deciphering the patterns on the imprints of the hand the underlying negative behaviours and traits that lead to adverse outcomes on the life cycle of a person.