Perhaps You Might Not Have Think, Vashikaran Can Be Done By Using Tea Also


You would certainly love to drink tea for the mood refresher and taste, but do you know that it can also be used for vasikaran purposes, according to technology. Yes, it may look amazing to hear, but according to it, anyone can be possessed by making him drink tea prepared by a special method.

However, repeated use of it has also been described as harmful to the person himself. Also, it is considered forbidden and harmful for members of your family to use it.

This method of vashikaran has been described as useful and completly successful under those circumstances when a person is in a very big trouble or has done it for the benefit of someone with a selfless interest. Also, using this method to harm someone is destructive for the person himself.

Vashikaran method by using tea

Keep four cloves and cardamom pressed in such a part of the body where you get the most sweat (such as under the arm, in the palm etc.). Grind it and make powder.

By placing this powder on your hand or in a plateinfront of you and chant the mantra “om sarv sarvaani (name of a person) mam bhashm kurum bhaavanee.” for 151 times.

Now make normal tea with goat milk (keep in mind that only goat should be used in milk). Use this powder as a spice in it, but do not put any other things in addition to these three (milk, tea leaves and this masala). Give this tea drink to anyone whom you want to possess. That person will obey everything you say.

Is sweet voice a form of vashikaran?

Sweet voice is a form of vashikaran. Whose voice is sweet, he becomes favourite to everyone. Adorable words are beneficial and makes everyone happy. Then Why are you hesitating to speak sweet words? The harsh words spoken can be the cause of fear and enemity for a long time. Therefore, there is a saying in ordinary language that do not give jaggery, but must speak as sweet as jaggery, because most problems begin with the rudeness and indecency of speeches. All languages ??have the ability to use respectful words. Therefore, we should not use irrespectful words. Even in adverse conditions, we should not give up the sweetness of speech. The sweet voice is a sign of unique personality . Our lifestyles should be similar to the lid of honey bottle.

The sweet voice works to enrich the beauty of life and conceal the many shortcomings of personality, but we must always keep in mind that for selfish reasons, we should not use a sweet voice to flatter or cheat others. Our heart should be pure and there should be uniformity in speech. No matter how much a person is an enlightened scholar, he should never mock others with little knowledge.

Just as nobody takes shelter from a useful tree when it is covered with poisonous thorns of climbers, nobody gives any respect to those mocking and scandalling others. Draupadi’s word uttered in derision caused the war of Mahabharat. One scholar says that because of harsh remarks, even good things happening in your life may get worse. Some people are disturbed even by small verbal fights, but we must have tolerance. Renounce the spirit of retribution and abandon the fire of discord. A subhashith also says that the one who always speaks promptly is always praiseworthy and popular like a timely cloud. Swami Vivekananda said that the words that we pronounce will enter in the mind of the person in the front through air. The soft words we speak will have a good effect on the other person.



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