Pooja For Marriage

An ideal matrimony should result in a blissful union of the soul, mind and the body for the couple as also in peace, prosperity and harmony for the concerned families. At times, due to the adverse impacts of the planets on the mind, body and circumstances the married life may undergo severe setbacks in terms of issues of incompatibility, mutual differences and disruption of peace.

“Pooja Vidhi” for marriage including “Pooja Vidhi” for nuptial knots or the wedlock union can help setting the correct course for eliminating or reducing such issues by appeasement of the concerned deities and reinforcement of the vows of the married life.

Durga Maa Puja      Navgraha Puja

“Pooja for Marriage” includes performing Worship and rituals for: Goddess Durga, Guru (Jupiter), Ketu (Southern Node of the moon), Mangal (Mars), Rāhu (Northern node of the moon), Shukra (Venus), Mangala Gauri.