Shelter is one of the three basic needs, the other two being food and water. The initial aspirations are aimed at acquisition of property for the purpose of meeting the basic housing and business needs which keep on rising with growth in income levels.

Property investments have exponential returns on account of high gap between its demand and supply. Property acquisitions are known to have profit or loss yielding effects on the owners or prospective buyers/ sellers on account of the malefic planetary influences.

Performing the “Pooja Vidhi” for Property can lead to strengthening of the planetary influences to create situations that help in polarize the positive returns from investments and reduce losses and redundancy of investments.

Lord Kuber Puja      Goddess Laxmi Puja
“Pooja for Property” includes performing Worship and rituals for: Goddess Astalakshmi, Lakshmi, Shukra (Venus), Kuber.