Cultivation, nourishment and maintenance of positive Relationships with friends, relatives, parents, children etc., are vital aspects of the “way of life” that mark the attainment of peace, prosperity and harmony for individuals.

Envy, thought behaviours and actions pose stern challenges towards upkeep of relationships. Negative planetary influences further add to the plight.

Undertaking “Pooja Vidhi” for Relationship helps in accelerating the process of steering relationships to harmonious and compatible outcomes. This results in peace, prosperity and growth.

Durga Maa Puja      Navgraha Puja

“Pooja for Relationship” includes performing Worship and rituals for: Goddess Durga, Guru (Jupiter), Ketu (the southern node of the moon), Mangal (Kuja /Mars), Rāhu (the northern node of the moon), Shukra (Venus), Lord Satyanarayana.