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Types of Protection Spells

Protection spells are a good way to protect yourself and come in numerous shapes and sizes. There are many methods by which you can protect yourself against evil forces or eliminate negative powers from your life. These spells are undertaken when it is believed that some kind of potential or present danger is existent due to casting of malevolent eye, spiritual attacks, generational curses, personal haunting by some evil forces or magical works by the enemy.

There are basically two type of protection spells which can be employed:
Spiritual spells are employed in circumstances when it is believed that some present or potential menace occurs because of attacks by spirits by night or day, hag riding by witches, or possible that jinxes performed by you in past against someone are being overturned back.

Physical spells are employed in situations where it is believed that some potential or present danger subsists because of you living in a neighborhood that is bad, being involved in doings which are risky, existing in fright of an abusive or violent member of family, being in a job that is dangerous or being in military or go aboard on a trip that can prove to be dangerous to your life.

Spiritual and physical spells might also be combined, however, it is to be remembered that these spells are not a substitute for agreeing to safety rules or taking help from law and police whenever it is necessary. Protection spells like curse breaking spell can also be used if the matter gets too much aggressive or you can reverse the spell, to send it back from where it originated.