Sweet Word Spreads Happiness Everywhere, That is a Vashikaran Mantra, So Do Not Use Harsh Words


A person comes late in the office one day. Instead of asking for a reason to come late, if it is said that: “You used to come office on time. What has happened today, that you are not on time?” … then he will not feel bad and will tell the proper reason for coming late.

While speaking with the family also it should take care that the person to whom you are speaking to is not a machine, not a robot, or not a statue of iron , he is a human. He has a heart. Every heart requires affection, sympathy, love and respect. Therefore, treating your elders with kindness, equal ones with love and compassion and sympathy for the little ones, makes a magical effect.

It is not a big oppression to take away anybody’s house, money and wealth. Do not break his heart because he lives within his heart. During a conversation, if you give suggestions taking care of mutual affection, then there won’t be any problem in the family.

A husband told his wife that food was not good today. The wife was mocking, saying: “Go to Another place, hotel, eat or call another lady.” “The husband got it bad. He moved the food plate away. If the wife, considering the mutual affection, says: “From tomorrow, I will make food with special care… You won’t get a chance to complain… ” …then iIt does not lead to such a decline and the thin fibre of affection does not crumble. There wont be disrespect for food too.

If the father says to his son: “Your number did not come right in the exam, you are useless… ” … It will have an adverse effect on the psyche of the child. Instead, the father says: “Son! Do hard work. Do a little meditation to converge. This will definitely bring you a good number”. Thus, the child’s enthusiasm will rise. There will be respect for the father, and he will strive to pass on a good number by making efforts in the future.

If a customer comes to the shopkeeper and says: “This thing was taken from you, not good. Take it back. ” … then the shopkeeper should not treat him in a tarting manner. He should say: “No matter if you don’t like this thing. I have many more varieties, will show you. You may like”. Thus, taking care of the customers happiness, he should be treated with affection and empathy. This will make hom a permanent customer of the shopkeeper.

“You have to do this work.” Instead, tell the servant that: “Will you do this work?”. The servant will gladly do the work for your pleasure. Otherwise, he would think it as a burden and will do as if he is compelled to get rid of it somehow and in this his happiness disappear, and the work would also be not perfect.
Making a slight difference in the manner of saying makes a great impact on efficiency. If you have to make someone do the work, please do this work if it is favourable for you.

During conversations, importance should be given to others, not to ourselves. Mannerly spoken words leaves a positive impression while rude words make a negative impact.

Only such people can mingle and do work along with others who do not let his ego come in between others.



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