Vastu Shastra For Better Living

The origin of the science of Vastu shastra dates back to ancient Vedic times of India.

In broader sense of term Vastu means “Architecture”, literal meaning of Vastu shastra is a science dealing with the natural laws and forces of nature in context with the effects on the dwellings and places of residence, industry, official complex, buildings.

Nature is a creation from the five vital life forces i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, air, Space. It is believed that for buildings and constructions, houses, dwellings, offices, industrial buildings and the like, the effect of these five vital life energy forces should be in a state of harmony and coordination and in accordance with the Laws of the Nature. Such states of positivity can be obtained by application of the universal time tested laws of the Science of Vastu to the buildings either at the time of construction or during decoration, Interiors or furnishing phase or for correction of the evil effects and deficiencies observed at a later time due to ignorance, non-belief or casual attitude and non-adaption in the construction or initial stage.

In Vastu shastra the evaluation of the direction and its consideration while designing various sections of the dwelling plays a crucial role and has an important bearing on the levels of energy supposed to be floating around within the area of habitation.

In addition to the direction, positioning of several items termed as positivity enhancers, amulets or specific charms at specified places and removal of items yielding negative energies results in improvements in the overall energy levels and result in improvements in positivity and prosperity.

Vastu Shastra utilises the concept of “The Vastu Purush Mandala” for generating design of a building based on mathematical and diagrammatic basis. This concept actually tries to present a metaphysical plan of a building on the basis of concept of supernatural forces and their effects.

Vastu analysis is carried out for the following:

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  • Vastu for the Land
  • Vastu for House
  • Vastu for multi storeyed buildings
  • Vastu for Offices
  • Vastu for Malls, Multiplexes and shopping complexes
  • Vastu for interiors, decorations
  • Lucky charms and positivity improvers, enhancers for vastu