Vastu Tips : Certain Things At Home That Can Hinder Your Prosperity


Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture. This science does affect human life a lot and hence some knowledge about Vastu for a residence is essential.

Maybe you feel like nothing is going right in your home either it is health or wealth, even after your hard work. This could be due to some negative effects or Vastu dosha in your home. Vastu dosha can bring obstacles, diseases, and unluck in one’s life. Hence try to get some advice about Vastu tips for home.

Vastu Tips For Indoor Plants: Never use bonsai or thorn plants as indoor plants. This can worsen the Vastu of the house by filling negative energy.

Vastu Tips For Pooja Room: Never keep heavy sculptures in the northeastern direction of the house. This can result in an increase of negative energy of the home. Also never keep broken sculptures of God inside the home. If you have brought any things related to do pooja or donation, then do not keep them for more days at home.

Vastu Tips For Bedroom: Never keep footwear under the bed. This can bring more physical and mental problems.

Vastu Tips For House: Never keep a broken or damaged clock in the home. This can affect the decrease of positive energy inside the home and invites more negativity. The northwest direction is directly related to wealth and prosperity. Hence never allow this direction to stay dark.



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