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We feel that astrology is a both a predictive art and an abstract science that can be deployed as an effective tool for pre-emptive analysis of one’s vital traits and characters, abstract nature and thoughts, behaviours and relationships. We earnestly believe that it is the generation of thoughts in the human mind that is primarily responsible for the emotions and controls the way one behaves. Thoughts are, therefore, the primary resultants of action. And actions lead us to situations which we term as for or against our desired outcomes. This then tends to get tagged, as fate and destiny. Therefore it is evident that by proper analysis of the prevailing states of mind and the thoughts contained within during any point of time and through application of the corrective procedures for negative states and strengthening procedures for positive states one can control generation of the appropriate situational behaviours and thereby embed into the sub-conscious such actions that circumstantially auto generate to suit to the situation and garner peace, happiness and prosperity. Read More…

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