Are Psychics the New Counselors?


People visit psychics for many reasons. Few are believers and have experienced supernatural powers. Others are skeptical about the entire thing and visit psychics to see if they are right. Some haven’t made up their mind and just want to test the waters first. 

And then some do not prefer to call them psychics. These people see them as spiritual counselors or therapists. They could visit a regular therapist. But they choose a psychic because sometimes they need somebody who can ask a little more than “how do you feel”? At times it helps if they are not facing the therapist face to face. For them, online websites like compile and compare the best options available. 

Why Do They Need to Visit a Psychic or a Therapist?

Mostly because they have recently gone through something unpleasant. Or they are at a low point in their lives and nothing they know or understand can explain how to get out of there. At these points of life, people want to see hope and happiness more than anything else. Now we all know it takes a lot of sessions with a regular counselor to reach there. With a psychic therapist, however, your first session can bring you a certain amount of peace and positivity. Many psychics suggest that their clients don’t visit them too often. 

It is not advisable to see a psychic for major psychological issues. But for smaller matters like personal relationships or work-related stress a psychic can give you better answers the first time you visit them. You have many options to choose from like Tarot cards, Angel cards, guided meditation, and Reiki. And then there is Astrology.

Astrology is not just limited to the sun sign horoscopes that most of us used to read in newspapers and magazines and is widely available over the internet now. It is an analysis based on the position of the sun, moon, planets in our solar system, and a few constellations at a particular time on a certain date. Astrology is a complex subject with detailed astronomical data and a lot of mathematical calculations. It is one is the oldest psychic sciences known to mankind. 

So Which One Should People Choose to See?

This is not a question with a straightforward answer. It depends on what their expectations are. An astrological reading is better to understand the bigger picture of one’s life and how your current state is going to affect that. There can be patterns forming in their life that they are unaware of. Learning about these patterns will enable them to make a better plan about how to approach things in the present and the near future. However one should restrain from making snap decisions based on diluted astrology. Many people decide they cannot date someone because of an incompatible sun sign. Professional astrologers never make such interpretations. One should always consult a professional astrologer, even if it is online. 

Other psychic sessions are preferable if they wish to know more about the present situation they are feeling stuck in. It can be from any area of their life, like a relationship, career, health, finances, or any other emergency. A good psychic will always give counsel and motivation. They would almost always give information that fills up the blank areas of a client’s mind and helps in making an informed decision. 

An Astrologer and a Psychic Are Not the Same

Even though some psychics may use astrology, or some astrologers use psychic abilities, they are not the same. True psychics would never ask you for your time or date of birth, or any other previous knowledge. Psychics use their ability to focus on spiritual knowledge and uncover the invisible information about the past, present, and future of the current situation. Psychics acquire this information in the form of a mental image, sensations, and emotions, and then relay that information to the client. 

A Personal Touch Matters.

People would visit psychics not only because of the information they receive but also for the feeling of being helped out. Psychics talk about the past, the present and the future. They discuss matters and sometimes just listen. This makes people feel happy and stable. Present-day psychics do not only talk about psychic readings but also have a lot of knowledge and advice up their sleeves. If someone goes for psychic for therapy sessions regarding their career or education, the psychic can provide so much more information regarding the matter. 

Some psychics teach or practice guided meditations which feels like cleaning out a dusty room of your mind. At times they help people see that living in the present and not feeling anxious or stressed about the future is one of the key solutions. At other times psychics help clients draw happiness or positivity from other aspects of that person’s life. Maybe at times the person already has all this information but doesn’t know how to access it. Or maybe they are scared of taking control of their lives because of the recent setback and need someone to boost up their morals. Isn’t that exactly what a counselor or a therapist does?



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