Be Happy


Be happy – being happy is the pleasure and beauty of life, it is the lack of this thing which makes people feel unhappy, sad and dull. Laugh – laugh openly and laughing is the art that makes the human’s mountain of sadness as miniature, which brings excitement and joy in life, which makes life affectionate with love and affection.

Who does not get attracted to the face with a soft smile on it. Who does not have any desire to satisfy yourself by talking with him? Familiar people would experience the heavenly pleasure in their presence, even strangers get excited to get friendly with them – it is the vashikaran happening in this laugh and happiness.

There is no need to find an instrument outside for being happy, do a curious look at the house and in the same house where you had experienced dullness first, you can find a fountain of laugh – happiness. Look, that blooming child is coming by running towards you, do not scold him, pick him up and talk to him – look at the secret how he refreshed your silent and semi-happy emotion. Look, Munni is sitting on your shoulder, talk to her and listen to how she gives sweet answers in her tumultuous dialect. And, look at the other side, an aunty is also coming. Ask her, what type of daughter-in-law she wants, she will say, “Soft and fresh like flowers and her laugh should bloom so that you will be able to find yourself also in that state”. When in children, who are the nature’s simple obscurity, the river of emotions are flowing, then where else are you going to find happiness for yourself?

If you are a businessman, you understand your work properly, then definitely remove your concerns about work when you come home; as long as you stay at home try to stay away from work issues, play with small children, feel free to open your heart and speak to your mother, sister and other ladies in the house. Laugh with friends, play-jump, you will see how the routine hard work of the last day becomes simple and pleasurable the next day.

Even if you are a murderer and going to be hanged, you should laugh still. Is laughing a big deal for that body with which this sin had happened and is going to the end of his life? Do not you see the prostitute laughing openly always, its true that their daily earning depends on their laugh and happiness. What if you are born in a big family, you couldn’t even get married while looking after them, you cannot do your education well, you don’t have any choice other than hardworking to look after the family, but why are you still not pleased? Don’t the poor man laugh with the children in their hut?

Even if you are running short of money in hand, try to laugh openly for some time. Believe in God, it is impound that when He gives happiness then laugh and when He put you in adversity then cry.

Everything can be suppressed in the world, but like ash, by the external behaviour the hidden fire in the soul cannot be covered. To laugh, it is necessary not to care for the whole world, listen to the voice of your soul and follow its orders. Be innocent like children, simple, make a sacred heart, using the brain make your heart understand matter but unless the light of God’s light is illuminated, then where is the happiness placed?



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