Effects of the Jupiter in the Fifth House of Horoscope
A person having Jupiter in the 5th house of the horoscope is benevolent, respected by his friends, an expert of many treatises, happy, handsome and liked by all. Jupiter as an owner of the 5th House renders the person to be an atheist, an astrologer, popular and progeny bearing. A few of the learned astrologers […]
Durga Saptsati in Hindi
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Durga Saptashati in Sanskrit
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Effects of the Jupiter in the Fourth House of Horoscope
Situation of Jupiter in the fourth house means that the person is endowed with riches and vehicles, always joyful, industrious, having interest in astrology, endorsed by the state, an obedient son and is a like the power of a shining light in his family. The presence of a strong Jupiter in the 4th house causes […]
Effects of the Jupiter in the Third House of Horoscope
Presence of Jupiter in the third house makes the person of an altruistic nature, resident, atheist, adorable by women, trader, owner of vehicle and lewd in nature. He never spends his money in inappropriate ventures and likes to move around to different places. In the third house if Jupiter is not in combination with the […]
Effects of the Jupiter in the Second House of Horoscope
If Jupiter is in the second house it will mean that the person is jovial, a husband to a classy female and will earn profit from the business of Gems. Jupiter in Second house means being the owner of an attractive personality, eloquent speaker, owner of property and progeny, virtuous, fortuitous and religiously inclined. If […]
Effects of the Jupiter in the First House of Horoscope
Position of Jupiter in the first house of the Horoscope i.e the ascendant results the person to be Long-living, Scholarly, handsome, rich in personality, follower to god and a successful forecaster of events. Jupiter in ascendant renders the person to be outspoken, bearing self-pride, dedicated towards work, Capable of bearing male progeny and gets laurels […]
Facts About the Gemstone of Mercury
Who should don this gemstone: Akin to the pearl, emerald can be donned by any one. It is immensely profitable for the persons with the zodiac signs of Gemini, Virgo, Leo, Taurus, and Libra. Generally Emerald can be worn on any of the fingers of the either hands but the Little finger is supposed to […]

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