Easy Methods For Lord Hanuman’s Devotees: The God’s Grace Will Begin To Shower And All Your Problems And Worries Will Be Washed Away.


Lord Hanuman is an active God of this kali yuga, who removes all sufferings of his devotees. If you perform pooja activities with complete devotion, then he fulfills all your desires. Let us take a look upon how to pray Lord Hanuman, to get rid of the problems and sufferings.

Hanuman Chalisa

Nobody can control a person who recites Hanuman Chalisa every morning and evening and this could also fulfill his wishes. Goswami Thulasidas wrote Hanuman Chalisa first and with the blessings of Lord Hanuman only, he could write Sriramcharithamanas. Any type of prison crisis will never happen to such people. If a person happened to be in prison because of his misdeeds, then he should chant Hanuman Chalisa for 108 times and pledge that he will never do such misdeeds and pray for forgiveness. He can be freed from imprisonment by Lord Hanuman’s blessing.

Bajrang Baan

Many people make others angry through their actions and behavior and this increases the list of their enemies. Some are outspoken and this can increase the number of hidden enemies for them. Even if you are good in all manners, there could be people who are jealous of your progress and do conspiracy against you. In such situations, if you are truthful then, Sree Bajrang Baan can save you and punish the enemies. Hanumanji always supports pure-minded people. Hence, you should be truthful and chant this Bajrang Baan for 21 days with complete devotion and vow in mind that you will follow only the path of truth. This can help you to destroy your enemies. Immediate remedy within 21 days can be expected by doing so.

Hanuman Bahuk

If you are suffering from any diseases, then keep a bowl of water near the idol of Lord Hanuman and recite the Hanuman Bahuk for 21 or 26 days regularly. Every day you should drink that water and fill it again with water. You will be freed from all illnesses and sufferings of your body by Lord Hanuman’s blessing.

Hanuman Mantra

You should chant OM HAM HANUMANTHE NAMAH, 108 times everyday morning and evening if you are afraid of darkness or ghosts or you have any kind of fear or phobia. You can feel the power of fearlessness happening inside you within a few days.

Hanuman Temple

Visit Hanuman temple on every Tuesday and Saturday and offer jaggery and grams. Do this for 21 days and after completing 21 days, offer clothes to Hanumanji. He immediately brings peace and happiness to your home.

Name Of Ram

Chanting the name of Ram can please Lord Hanuman and he will shower his blessings always upon you.



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