Easy Methods of Acquiring Prosperity For Mithun Raasi (Gemini)


Mercury (Budh) is the planet of Gemini. People with Gemini horoscope are agile and responsive. They are intellectual, religious and compassionate. They are highly versatile and usually stand out from the crowd. They possess the ability to control anger. They set a goal first and work upon that. They are hardworking, honest and possess an enthusiasm for work. They are well disciplined as well as maintain new and good thoughts in life.

The Gemini man’s attitude is always to work for others; although they get a weak result. Let us have a look at some astrological measures that Gemini people should take care of to attain prosperity in all fields.

Do these measures for monitory benefits

Do you notice that you are not able to save much money even after earning well? This could be a crucial situation and you can overcome this by performing a simple method. That is, eat grass, that is usually served to the cow, after eating food on Fridays. Wearing green color clothes during important works can make your life go happily. Also during Deepawali day, place a shankh (conch) facing south and worship it; after that keep it in the place where you store money. This can improve your financial situation instantly.

Some measures to escape from debt

Are you in a serious debt trap? Performing these methods can help you out of it. While doing Maa Laxmi pooja, tie a garland of turmeric to Lord Ganesha. After that, wrap in a green color cloth and keep it in your pooja room or money safe. Another method is to bring 5 fruits of the banyan tree, dip it in red sandalwood so that it gets red color and wrap it in a new red cloth along with some currency and hang it from any nail in your home or office.

Some Simple Tips For Fulfilling Your Desire

If you have any specific desire in your mind, then people with Gemini zodiac sign should do the following. After performing Maa Laxmi pooja, take a coconut with its peduncles and wrap it in a red cloth and by saying your wish to keep it in a secluded and clean place. This coconut is to be offered in Maa Laxmi temple once your desire is fulfilled.

Simple Steps to Get Success In Education

According to Gemini horoscope 2020, for getting success in education, worship Lord Ganesha on Wednesday. If they can do fasting on Wednesday, it would be more powerful. Also wear green colored dresses on that day. This can boost your intelligence and get 100% success in subjects like mathematics, statistics, and commerce.



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