Effects of the Jupiter in the Eleventh House of Horoscope


The presence of Jupiter in the eleventh house of the horoscope makes the person to be of an attractive personality, a business man, with few children, brave and into relationship with several women. Such a person renders favors on its family like that of a king, is inclined towards religious pursuits, is accumulator of vast amounts of wealth, realizes gains through the sale and purchase of animals and is a father to five sons.

Teaming of Jupiter and the moon in the eleventh house of the Horoscope renders the person to be of immense fortunes and begets sudden and unexpected wealth to him.

In case of a weak and afflicted Jupiter as an owner of the Eleventh house there is a conflict with the elder brother in places where the income is meager, more so in cases where the ascendant is Aquarius. As a result, as recourse to the evil effects of the planet use of gemstone, offerings, prayers etc. is a compulsory process.

Following is the opinion of the author of the “Lal Kitaab” regarding presence of Jupiter in the Eleventh House of the Horoscope:[list style=”arrow”]

  • Father of such a person, even though a millionaire, shall not provide for even a single penny for him. It shall be only by chance if he gets to spend money of his father.
  • He shall be competent to fulfill promises made to others and also complete the verbal commitments.
  • Wife of such a person shall either be always in despair or shall not be able to extend a helping hand to him ever.
  • Fortune shall be awaked by carrying out a business in partnership with his own brother or by carrying on the traditional business.
  • In the declining years of life, problems shall have to be faced on account of waning trade. Excess of love and envy will result in destruction. After the demise of father shall not be able to face even the weakest of the enemies. In case of non-performance of a deed of pious nature, even the shroud cloth after death shall be obtained in charity.