Effects of the Jupiter in the Fifth House of Horoscope


A person having Jupiter in the 5th house of the horoscope is benevolent, respected by his friends, an expert of many treatises, happy, handsome and liked by all. Jupiter as an owner of the 5th House renders the person to be an atheist, an astrologer, popular and progeny bearing. A few of the learned astrologers believe the presence of Jupiter to be unfruitful in the 5th house. If Jupiter is influenced or sighted upon by a malefic planet in the fifth house, is a retrograde or is declining then the subject shall be grieved in mourning by loss of his child.

Following is the opinion of the author of the “Lal Kitaab” regarding presence of Jupiter in the Fifth House of the Horoscope:

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  • The heightened effect of ones’ own fortunes shall be reaped through his own progeny. There shall be a growth and prosperity through work, commerce, global trade and businesses. During young age realizing the need for procreating children and its materialization shall lead to quality life during old age. Prior to birth of the first child, luck shall appear to have been in dormant mode.
  • Presence of compatible planets of the Jupiter i.e. Sun, Moon and Mars in its Second, Ninth, eleventh and the twelfth houses of the horoscope ensures assistance from them.
  • Shall be respectful to others, observe dedication in discharge of duties and shall be owner of self-worthy human traits. Shall never be childless. Shall be prosperous and possess a bright fate. Shall be a leader, chieftain or a minister under whose protection innumerable people shall be comfortable and imparting blessings to his children. Everyone from his father to his grandsons shall live in peace and a conducive climate.




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