Effects of the Jupiter in the First House of Horoscope


Position of Jupiter in the first house of the Horoscope i.e the ascendant results the person to be Long-living, Scholarly, handsome, rich in personality, follower to god and a successful forecaster of events. Jupiter in ascendant renders the person to be outspoken, bearing self-pride, dedicated towards work, Capable of bearing male progeny and gets laurels showered upon by the state.

A lowly positioned Jupiter in area of its enemy or under influence of malefic planets renders the person to be a slave of caitiffs and is a cause to creation of mental worries.

Similarly if the ascendant Jupiter growing stronger by getting positioned in the upper sign of the zodiac is under the influence of benefic planets it is a bestower of money and wealth.

If the ascendant is Pisces and Jupiter is positioned in the eighth house and is under the influence of two or three malefic planets, then the person is an owner of immense knowledge.

Being a “planet of Knowledge” Jupiter represents the Power of Knowledge and wisdom in totality.

Such a Jupiter, on account of its evil sight (paap drishti) in the enemy’s Zodiac sign in the eighth house renders the person muddle headed even if the Jupiter is in retrograde. In such a situation the remedy is not very effective; however, the situation can be improved upon to some extent by resorting to charity, donations and virtuous deeds and donning gemstone of the Jupiter.

Following is the opinion of the author of the “Lal Kitaab” regarding presence of Jupiter in the First House of the Horoscope:

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  • On account of the mental strength, expertise will be acquired towards cultivating friendship with the leaders/guides of the country.
  • The person shall be rich even without attaining the complete levels of education. He shall not be of worthless and suspicious nature. Even though angered easily, he shall be clear-hearted, of good nature and sensible.
  • After the birth of one child, the difference in the age of the Second child will not be more than eight years.
  • Shall be a knower of many trades and an official in the Government. Conditions will keep on improving with age. The person may also lead the life of an ascetic and gain respect of everyone.
  • Shall inherit ancestral property. Fortune will witness a windfall change after marriage and a high rise house/ building shall be constructed through the hard earned money. Never shall he be required to approach others for meeting his requirements because fortune shall always be favorable upon him.




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