Effects of the Jupiter in the Ninth House of Horoscope


Presence of Jupiter in the Ninth house of the horoscope renders the person to be wealthy like a king, will be acknowledger of those rendering help to him, happy, with a pious heart and likeable by the women folks. The Jupiter of the ninth house is provider of fortune, bravery, fame, father to sons, having affinity towards religious pursuits, trustworthy and expertise on matters of law and judiciary. If the Jupiter either strong or in upper position in the zodiac gets into the ninth house then the person is blessed with all kinds of happiness, prosperity, wealth and enjoyments of the pleasures of vehicles. A Jupiter in company of malefic planets or in the lower sign of the zodiac erases all the hard work.

If Jupiter as an owner of the Ninth house is weak or afflicted then it yields the following outcomes:
There will be chances of sustaining losses through the Royal court or the employees of the state.
Husband of the younger sister shall be short-lived.

In case both Jupiter and the Sun get together and both are influenced with malefic effects the same results in shorter life cycle to the Father. As recourse, it is essential to strengthen the Jupiter regarding which we shall be discussing ahead.

Following is the opinion of the author of the “Lal Kitaab” regarding presence of Jupiter in the Ninth House of the Horoscope:
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  • Shall carry a life spanupto 75 years of age.
  • Shall possess the qualities ofrightful intentions and shall be clear hearted. Money will never be scarce for him to spend. He shall be happy in case he abstains from the curses from elders upon him.
  • Shall reap benefits of wealth in the business.
  • He shall be happier if he saves and hides money for the rainy day.
  • Shall inherit property from ancestors.
  • Genuineness of intention shall result in enhancement of income. Shall be of high levels of integrity and shall be successful in all endeavors.
  • Shall be successful and further advance in worldly relationships, shall be healthy and register growth even for whatever reasons Jupiter is losing its effects or is downgrading itself.




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