Effects of the Jupiter in the Second House of Horoscope


If Jupiter is in the second house it will mean that the person is jovial, a husband to a classy female and will earn profit from the business of Gems. Jupiter in Second house means being the owner of an attractive personality, eloquent speaker, owner of property and progeny, virtuous, fortuitous and religiously inclined.

If the Second stationed Jupiter is in its high position or is in the area of self, then the person is capable of earning and amassing wealth in abundance during his lifetime. Likewise, the Jupiter lowly positioned or situated in area of its enemy makes the person to be a liar, a thug and voluptuary towards indulgence in other’s women.

Strong Jupiter is a boon accomplisher, because in such a situation it enjoys the predominance on the 11th/3rd and the 5th houses which is always auspicious. In such a horoscope if Jupiter is endeavored to be made stronger then it can prove to be an immense provider of wealth.

If such a strong Jupiter casts its sight on any of the first (Ascendant), Second, Fifth or eleventh auspicious “Bhavas” then the person is bestowed upon with immense Quantities of wealth.

In case the Jupiter weakens and is present with mercury and both are under the influence of Saturn and “Rahu” (the North Node) then the person is low on knowledge. His oratory skills are also very basic in nature. He also possesses scarce amount of money in his treasury. The elder brother to his mother is sick and ailing most of the times. In order to improve these conditions it would be desirable to make the Jupiter Strong.

Despite being the owner of the second and the fifth house, if it is under the influence of evil planets than his own son would be a destroyer of his wealth. If Jupiter being the owner of the Second and the fifth house is in a highly woeful state then the elder brother is destroyer of his wealth. Under these circumstances also it is better to make the Jupiter strong and to achieve this gemstone of the Jupiter i.e. the “Yellow Sapphire” should be donned.

Following is the opinion of the author of the “Lal Kitaab” regarding presence of Jupiter in the Second House of the Horoscope:

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  • The second house is the real destination of the Jupiter. A person owning such a destination creates fortunes through children, trade and the In-laws family.
  • Malefic Planets will not cast any effect on the Jupiter, as a result of which the person influenced by Jupiter shall keep on progressing in life. Between the ages of 16 to 32 years the goddess of wealth bestows upon immense fortune. Period of 27 years shall signify growth and prosperity.
  • The person having Jupiter in the second house will resort to revelries and taste a few vices, pass through colorful situations in life becomes an ascetic and revered. With passage of time certain changes may also be registered in these conditions. In every situation he shall be clear hearted and with goodness of intentions and will be with power to rule, strength of conviction, Strength of elevated thoughts.




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