Effects of the Jupiter in the Tenth House of Horoscope


Presence of Jupiter in the Tenth house makes the person invincible, inclined towards service of parents, truthful, Successful forecaster, recognized by the state and wealthy. He is a person with independence of thoughts and does not accept to be in bondages of anyone. Always cheerful, he is a shining star in his family. A Jupiter combined with a planet of malefic intention or evil sight renders the person into a state of laziness and evil personality, in such circumstances he is also deprived of the pleasures of fatherhood from a son.

In case Jupiter is the owner of the tenth house and is weak and afflicted then the father of the person has to bear huge losses to his wealth because Jupiter being the reason of wealth becomes an owner to the wealth of the father.
Strengthening of Jupiter through its gemstone i.e. “Yellow sapphire: and by offerings, prayers and recitals of hymns to those malefic planets casting evil intents on the Jupiter can prevent loss of wealth.

Following is the opinion of the author of the “Lal Kitaab” regarding presence of Jupiter in the Tenth House of the Horoscope:
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  • Shall be a performer of virtuous deeds and believer and follower of the path of righteousness and would be disappointed from the domestic and worldly life to the same degree.
  • In case of a powerful Saturn and Sun or Moon are placed in the second or the sixth house then the fortune shall be of such a high magnitude so as to facilitate conversion of iron or copper to pure gold. Saturn related to profession shall certainly be a growth enhancer.
  • Shall be blessed with long living parents. The outcomes shall be best if the Jupiter is not in a lowly state. Difficulties and hurdles of any sort will not have to be faced.
  • It shall be profitable venture to ensure protection from likelihood of losses occurring from theft and fire.




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