Moon in Eighth House

Effects of the Moon in the Eighth House of Horoscope


Presence of moon in the eighth house of the horoscope renders the person to be of envious nature. He is diabetic and high on carnal desires. The person gets benefited through trade and commerce. The person is verbose, carries the nature of vanity and self-respect and has a weak body. He is subjected to losses by his enemies and his friends outcast him. Combination of moon and Jupiter in the eighth house afflicts the person with the disease of Tuberculosis. The person has a scare of drowning in water. If moon in the eight house is in a compatible sign or is present in its own house of self then the person is inflicted with diseases of cold and cough. Moon combining with a benefic planet in the eighth house lures the person towards carrying out a trade in partnership and commands benefits to him. Presence of a weak moon in the eighth house results in untimely death in the younger age.

Following is the opinion of the author of the “Lal Kitaab” regarding presence of Moon in the Eighth House of the Horoscope:[list style=”arrow”]

  • Despite of his being born in a poor family or not representing a large family, he would be shining like silver in the dirt from the time of his birth.
  • He shall be near the place of his residence at the time of his death.
  • He shall be clear hearted like the colour of the milk and shall treat relationships involving daughter-in-law, daughter and parents, son, sister on different counts and shall refrain from the concept of love. Shall be respected in the royal courts and shall derive pleasures from the living and lifeless things relating to the moon.
  • Can be dexterous in the art form of poetry or the science of astrology, but shall not be absolved from the suspicions of carrying a doubtful integrity. Level of self-intelligence and intellect shall be of an exemplary nature.
  • Life shall be ordinary upto the age of 34 and he shall not be able to amass wealth up to this age.
  • Blessings of Children and elders through ablutions and touch of their feet shall result in all around safety everywhere.




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