Moon in Fifth House

Effects of the Moon in the Fifth House of Horoscope


Presence of Moon In the fifth house of the horoscope renders the person to be of a playful character, a father to many female children. Such a person is blessed with a son after 12 years of marriage, receiver multitudes of wealth through lotteries or gambling abruptly, is of a timid and a shy nature and is a knowledgeable in the occult sciences of the tantras and the Mantras. He has a number of sources of income and he earns economic wealth through the mode of business. His wife is very beautiful. Presence of a strong and a complete moon in the fifth house of the horoscope means that the in-laws of the person are very wealthy. His wife is obedient, educated and loyal to his husband. If in the fifth house of the horoscope a weak moon, if it is in a lower sign then the aforesaid outcomes should be taken on the contrary. Presence of the moon in a benefic sign in the fifth house means that the person is powerful, with a beautiful face and of religious nature. Presence of the moon in the fifth house in star sign of Taurus or Cancer propels the person into riches and benefits from the stock markets, betting and lotteries.

Following is the opinion of the author of the “Lal Kitaab” regarding presence of Moon in the fifth House of the Horoscope:[list style=”arrow”]

  • He shall attain prosperity of wealth on virtuosity of his intentions and upbringing of his children.
  • The person with a horoscope with presence of moon in the fifth house will die rather than bowing to wishes of others.
  • Shall be fair and a just personality, benevolent and a person rendering victory for those for whom he stands for. Shall carry on a trade that shall normally be in retrograde but shall register a growth in his means of income.
  • Shall be a religious personality capable of liberating the forests and mountains. Shall father at least five sons.
  • Such a person cannot keep his secrets to himself and the knower of his secrets shall be a cause of his destruction. Greed and selfishness shall act as foundation to his destruction. Through application of mind he shall be able to arrest the periods of decline and regression in his life.




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