Effects of the Sun in the Fifth House of Horoscope


Presence of Sun in the Fifth house of the horoscope makes the person with a single son, living in other’s family, cruel, restless in nature, carrying out lowly deeds, intelligent, quickly-angered, of a fatty body, miserable in young age, father to many girls, lover of stage-shows and earns profits through investments in Lottery, Share trade and betting.

Following is the opinion of the author of the “Lal Kitaab” regarding presence of Sun in the Fifth House of the Horoscope:[list style=”arrow”]

  • Shall lead a quality life in his old age.
  • Shall be blessed with prosperity on counts of the necessities of daily bread and earnings.
  • Shall raise his children and shall be leading a domestic life. In case he is a king then he shall be of helpful nature and in case he is an ascetic he shall lead a long life.
  • None of his wishes will remain unfulfilled. There shall be prosperity from all counts and the children shall grow and advance well in life. In the houses of the horoscope when Sun and Saturn are not in conflict, then the parents are happy, long-living and noble.




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