Effects of the Sun in the Seventh House of Horoscope


Presence of the sun in the seventh house of the horoscope makes the person indulgent in the pleasures received from women, un-restful, ugly, originator of hassles for women and is subjected to indignities by the state. He is tough-natured and remains worrisome. He earns immense wealth through partnership or mechanical means of power and is inflicted upon towards bodily ailments for a long time.

Following is the opinion of the author of the “Lal Kitaab” regarding presence of Sun in the Seventh House of the Horoscope:[list style=”arrow”]

  • T.B., Suicide, instances of fire, embezzlement shall be the causes. Shall have the luck akin to a “fakir” who has renounced the domestic life. Shall be short-tempered, with Self-Centered attitudeand anger to the levels of destruction shall be his basic nature.
  • There shall be prosperity in wealth from the day of the birth of the child. The evil effect of the sun, in relation to the royal affairs with the father’s and wife’s family shall be evil like fire inflicted upon grass.
  • The effect of the sun shall never weaken and everything shall be positive.
  • Despite being required to face absolute miseries of life or problems of the times shall be an easy going brave personality.




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