Effects of the Sun in the Third House of Horoscope


If Sun is in the third house of the horoscope then the younger brothers of the person does not live and in case they sustain life there is always a conflict of opinions amongst them. The person shall be a well-wisher to his friends, blessed with the pleasure of woman and son, shall be wealthy, of a patient nature, forgiving and favorite of women. He is a person with a beautiful body, is intelligent, industrious, soft-spoken, of a strong conviction, is blessed with the pleasures of vehicles and is an equestrian.

Following is the opinion of the author of the “Lal Kitaab” regarding presence of Sun in the Third House of the Horoscope:

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  • His Children shall be long-living and neither shall he face hard fortunes nor shall the nature fall against him anytime. He shall never be pained or affected by the misfortunes and changes of time and fraudulent practices of the mind.
  • He shall be spared from the attempts of thefts. He shall never get into state of poverty till his end. He shall attain prosperity by the day and shall endeavor to keep the family happy. In case of maintaining a strong character he shall never get infamy in matter related to women. He shall serve the elders and shall be blessed with longevity on account of their good wishes.




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