Know The Magic Of Bengal Which Never Goes In Vain


1. What is the magic of Bengal?

The whole world knows about the magic of Bengal. Not only knows it, but also adapts it and use it to achieve many goals, but there are only very few people who know the real magic of Bengal and tell us how to achieve it. Today we will tell you the method of magic of Bengal and its benefits. By this the magic anyone can be controlled. The only condition is that you should know the correct method of magic. First of all, you need to know how many types of magic are prevailing in Bengal. Bengal has been a pioneer in the spiritual field since its beginning. Bengal is the land of Ramkrishna Paramhans and his disciple Vivekananda. In the field of spirituality, Bengal is divided into two ideologies. Great yogis like Krishananand Agambasheesh ? Big Agoists

2. Worship of mother kali

Those who worship Krishnanand is a great worshiper of Goddess Kali also, whereas the aghories also worship the goddess Kali but the difference is in the way of worship. Virbhum district in Bengal is famous for Tantric sadhana. There is always crowds of aghories here through out the year.

3. Bengali Vashikaran Mantra

The Bengali Tantric Kamrup considers Kamakhya as the mantra of achievement, so that Kamakhya Devi is addressed in many mantras. It is believed that Kamakhya Devi is very furious. If someone performs their worship ritually and honestly, then never fails to get success.

4. Mantra of Siddhi:

Namo Kamakhya Devayyi Amuk Maa Vashya Kuru Swaha: Chant this mantra in solitude at night. Before chanting the mantra, place a statue or a picture of Kamakhya Devi in front of you. Take water in your hand and say your family, your name, etc. and say about your wish and then make a pledge of half a million chantings.

5. Methods of achievement

After purifying the direction, clean the hands and body, recite the kavach and then meditate on the manorma look of the Goddess. After all these, chant every day and complete the chant in one and a quarter of the month. Place a picture of the person you want to control in front of you during chanting. If you do not have a picture then write down the person’s name with a red pen and surround it with the ball. If you cannot do this every day then definitely do this in the first and the last day of chanting. During the days in between, do the lessons of Durga Saptashati. Be sure to put 108 sacrifices after chanting 1.25lakh times. After this the mantra can be achieved. Take care of the offerings, water, flowers. Saying the name person you want to possess, chant the mantra for 11 times, then feed him prasad or hide the flower in his book, or sprinkle water on the person. After doing all this, that person will be under control.

6. Mantra to avoid vashikaran

The magic of Calcutta and magic of Kamrup Kamakhya are very famous all over the world. Kamrup Kamakhya’s lady magicians are mastered to subdue anyone. One story about these lady magicians is very famous. The great master Matsyendranath had once come under the control of the lady magician of Kamrup Kamakhya, all searched for him very much, but nobody knew anything. Then his disciple Gorakhnath carefully searched for his mentor and he got to know about Matsyandranath. Gorakhnath immediately changed his appearance and reached to his guru, and said to him ,who had become a sheep, as – awake machendar! Gorakh came!, after saying it for 3 times itself the Guru Matsyendranath came to his real form and from then this mantra has been considered as a mantra of liberation. If you suspect anyone to be under vashikaran, you can also tell “wake up the machendar! Gorakh came! By saying it three times itself the magic of vashikaran will get faded and you will be able to get rid of it.

7. Other Bengali tricks

On the occasion of Deepawali, Holi or Eclipse, pluck 5 or 7 leaves of Peepal. After Lakshmi pooja keep the prasad on those leaves, and offer it to the Peepal tree. This makes Lakshmi to stay permanent in the house. For evil eye, make roti such that its one side is not cooked well and the other side is well cooked. Put ghee on it, add a little salt and then place red chili on it. Now twist it 7 times over the victim and throw it in the running water or keep it in a deserted place. If there occurs quarrel between the husband and wife immediately after marriage, after mixing black urad Dal in green mehndi, and throw it in the direction of their house. On the occasion of Dussehra, worship there, where a Goddess idol exists. Write your wishes too on a paper along with the pooja materials. Keep on continuously saying your wish with the pooja material. While returning, request Panditji to give Prasad’s sindoor on the same paper. Husband vashikaran can be done by applying this sindoor for 40 days. This method is only for women.



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