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  • Chandan Mala

    Chandan Mala


    The Chandan mala is used for japa and is made up of natural and fragrant sandalwood and these would never lose their aroma. This mala is said to be very good for health and prosperity. This is also said to bring in the wearer super consciousness and also helps in improving of one’s concentration.

  • Crystal Mala

    Crystal Mala


    The crystal mala or the Sphatik mala helps to keep one’s body and mind cool. Many of the Muslims and even Christians also use this mala for the jap or for the prayer. This is known to be a substitute for Diamond. This mala aids concentration and calms the mind of the wearer.

  • Firoza Mala

    Firoza Mala


    The Firoza mala has the color similar to that of the sky and is mostly used for the early marriage of a girl. This mala can be worn for improving of one’s love life or marriage life and also to increase the possibilities of marriage. This also is said to improve the bond between wife and husband and increase mutual attraction between them.

  • Hakik Mala

    Hakik Mala


    The Hakik mala is the one made of the beads of a magical stone called as the Hakik which is a impure form of the quartz stone. This is said to attract good fortune and also helps in better concentration and the person wearing it attains clarity. This also is said to promote good will among the wearer.

  • Haldi Mala

    Haldi Mala


    The Haldi mala is used for the recitation of the mantras and is made up of bulbs of turmeric which is said to be the purest herbs in Ayurvedic. This mala is said to bring success to the wearer when in trouble due to some enemy. This is also helpful to gain success in law suits. This is also used for the japa of the mantra of Jupiter.

  • Kamal Gatte Mala

    Kamal Gatte Mala


    This is also known as the dried lotus beads mala. This mala is said to eradicate poverty and bless the wearer with wealth and happiness. This mala is specially used for the worship of Goddess Lakshmi and the person who uses this mala for the chanting of her mantra are sure to be blessed by her.

  • Moonga Mala

    Moonga Mala


    The Moonga mala is mostly used for the Jap of the mangal planet and is made of coral beads. This is said to have a good effect on the emotions of the person wearing it and brings him peace. This is also said to help the person to understand the qualities of the mystic. This also helps in curing of diseases related to blood impurity and is also used for the worship of God Ganesh and Hanuman.

  • Moonga Moti Mala

    Moonga Moti Mala


    The Moonga moti mala is made of two scared beads, the pearl and the corol. The wearer is said to get benefited from the positive effects of both these gem stones. This also helps the wearer to gain control over anger and is ideal for people with short temper. This also helps in improving the overall personality of a person and will make the person appear more charming and appealing.

  • Navratna Mala

    Navratna Mala


    The Navratna mala consist of the 9 sacred gems. This mala helps to strengthen the positive influence of the 9 planets with the help of the planet’s rays. This Navratna mala would protect its wearer from illness, mis fortune and any kind of danger which might arise.

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