The planet Neptune – For dreams and spirituality


The planet Neptune, which is known as the higher octave of Venus, is known to be where spiritual love exists and the person who is a Neptune is known to have a feeling of being a part of everything. This planet helps in opening our eyes to realize that all we see around us is the energy and this energy keeps shifting forms. The planet Neptune is also a very slow moving planet and the house position of this planet is quite important in any persons birth chart.

The place of Neptune and its effects

If house in which the Neptune planet is located determines a number of factors. Similar to the other planets in astrology, every person who is under the influence of Neptune does not behave the same. IT entirely depends upon which house the planet is located. For example, the planet Neptune has been in Aquarius from the year 1998 and will remain till 2012. This would affect the areas which are influenced by the force of Aquarius. One can observe great innovation in technology and also has a lot of impact o the culture. The areas like energy medicine and astrology will gain more popularity during this period.

Importance of Neptune in Astrology

The thesis which was given by the Greeks and other astrologers in the olden days had their studies based only on 10 planets and Neptune never had importance and an important role in the studies. Neptune can be thus referred to as a Modern planet which was a recent discovery which was made in the year 1848. In this year, the astronomers pulled the mystery of the pulling out of Uranus of its orbit. They observed that there was another planet which existed and it was exerting the gravitational pull and this was how the discovery of Neptune took place.

The Neptune planet is known to take 14 long years to pass through one sign. One complete generation can be influenced by the forces of Neptune and one good example for this is the year 1960 when Neptune was in the sign of Scorpio and this led to good experiments on drugs and there was also a lot of impact on the evolution of new music.

The Significance

This planet was known to be named after the God of the sea (Roman) and this is known to signify imagination, dreams and spirituality. Neptune is also known to cause changes of uncertainty, a restless and also unsettled state of affairs, loss and confusion and also some difficulties. It is also stated that if the planet Neptune is placed well at birth, the results of the same are sure to bring in success and benefits in the end. The person can also be drawn towards spiritual path and can experience an increase in creativity.

Though many a astrologers till do not give much stress on the influence of Neptune with the understanding that the effects of this planet are ephemeral in nature and they can only bring into activity the influences of the planet which are conjoined with as per the birth chart of the person.



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