The planet of Evolution – The Uranus


Uranus or otherwise called Hershel , can fill one’s life in an unusual way with some upsetting, sudden and unexpected aspects and this is also known to bring in the change in the person’s life with new trends. The house of the Uranus Planet is the place one can experience the personal revolutions. The planet Uranus was first discovered in the year 1781 and this is also categorized as the modern planet. This was first spotted by the astronomer William Herscel through his homemade telescope.

As per the Hindu astrology, the Uranus planet is called as a node and the transiting aspects of the nodes to the natal planets in the birth chart are different when compared to the transiting aspects of the planets to the natal chart. Though this sounds very mysterious and a difficult task, destiny plays a very important role in such conditions and the native is left with very less to choose. The planet Uranus is known to stay in a sign for about seven years and also makes a very similar impression over the people who are born during that period of Uranus.

Effects of Uranus transit

As mentioned earlier, the transit of Uranus is of seven years. During this period the person will create new relations and changes are expected which will for sure break all the old patterns and also a new methodology of working is adopted. A marriage or a partnership may also come to an end during this transit. The natal should work with freedom and without any restrictions to overcome some troubles. This is also known to be a good time to explore new kinds of awareness or the encounter. Astrology, yoga, human political studies and several other consciousness expanding techniques and in this way the person will gain good insight. The personality and ego of the person under the planet’s influence will undergo a radical change.

The Uranus opposition

The Uranus opposition is known to occur when the planet Uranus, like several other planets in astrology opposes the own Natal Uranus. This is also termed as the mid life crisis and this period is known to cause some serious troubles in the person’s life.

Uranus and relations

The transit of Uranus in the 7th house can be extremely difficult if the natal is involved in any one to one relationships which are not working out well. This can also lead to separation or broken bonds with wife. Loss of friends and relatives is also possible. Unstable love affairs are also indicated. Trouble through money or legacy is also evident during this transit.

If the planet Uranus is in the 8th house, there can be a separation among friends and relations. A new sexual relationship can develop but it shall not last longer. It is always good to avoid any long range commitments to avoid any serious trouble. The relations which are already formed will also undergo a change. Similar kinds of aspects are seen when the planet transits in the 4th as well as the 5th house.



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