The Planet of Power – Pluto


The planet Pluto has a lot of significance in Hindu astrology. The nature of the planet is always compared to that of the Lord Shiva, who is the creator as well the destroyer. The Pluto planet is known to destroy the old one and create a new one in its place. The effects of this planet are known to be very clear. The people who are under the influence of this planet are known to change, transform and are also known to take control of almost everything which exists around them. The energies which are sent out from this planer are always a source of change and would also create transformations in the life of the person unlike the other planets in astrology.

Pluto, the existence and the discovery

Pluto, as it is very commonly called as the Dwarf planet, has been named after the Roman God of wealth. The planet is said to be placed in the outer edge and was discovered by the astronomers in the year 1930. Famously known as the Lord of the underworld, the Pluto planet is known as the transformer who would force us for a life changing event and this is known to bring in the terrifying change. The change would occurs through the influence of Pluto is always a reminder which states that nothing would last forever and this planet is also known to very ruthlessly take away what to cling to the most.

The Transit of the planet and its effects

The Pluto planet, when transits the house, is known to signify the areas of the life which result in radical transformation. The transit of this planet is also known to activate the hidden nature of a person. It also depends on the person to confront oneself with all the courage and confidence for a bright future and also needs to have control over actions and feelings.

The transit of this planet is also known to reshape many aspects of the personality of the person, which will make the relations with others more rewarding. Self improvements, study of astrology, yoga, spiritualism are some of the areas which a person might get interested in during the transit.

Pluto’s force on marriage and physical relationships

The influence of the planet Pluto is also seen on the relations. This is mostly seen when the planet transits in the 7th house of the birth chart of the person. The relationships like the marriage, partners or close relations may become strained. Change in relations of love and marriage can also take place in an adverse way. Hence, it is always advised not to get into any relations during this period like marriage, love affair, partnership or to stat over a business. It is also good to avoid power struggle with opponents and enemies as this can lead to a result which is nasty, destructive and underhand treatment.

It is said to be good if the planet transits in the 10th house. It is a good time to achieve success in profession. Play the game fairly and this will for sure result in success in desires.



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