These Miraculous Herbs Are Useful In Making Anyone To Do Work According To Your Wish


1. To hypnotize

If you suddenly feel that you are sleeping, your eyes are shutting down and slowly you are entering a world of dreams, there is someone who is giving you some instructions and you are answering their questions even in sleep, then understand that someone has hypnotized you. Hypnotism or hypnotizing is an art, which is done on people when they need to know some information.

2. Scientific references

It is said that this art has come from Europe in scientific contexts. European countries gave this art a scientific form and it in the medical field and since then they are considered as inventors of hypnotism. But Indian history says something else.

3. Art of ancient times

If you explore Indian history, then you come to learn that from ancient time itself the art of hypnotism with tantra-mantra and the knowledge of machines for this was invented in India. But when Europe gave this method a scientific form after years, it came to be known that Europe was the creator of this art. It is believed that the information of this art to the world may had been through Europe, but its original inspiration had been India itself.

4. Vashikaran is used to make an impression of self on someone’s mind.

Apart from this, vashikaran is used to leave an impression of self on someone’s mind. But people should not consider vashikaran and hypnosis as same because there are fundamental differences between the two.

5. To control

With the help of Vashikaran, a person takes control of another person, that is, he gets complete control over the other person’s body, mind, and intellect. But there is a difference in vashikaran and hypnotism that makes them different from each other. In fact, vashikaran can only be done with the help of tantra-mantra-yantra.

6. The knowledge of Tantra-mantra-yantra

It is very important to practice the technique of tantra-mantra-yantra. No ordinary person can exercise any control over anyone without core practice. Even science, which is considered to be the highest in Kaliyug, also proves to be insignificant in front of this Vidya. You should know that the discovery of the mode of vashikaran was done prior to the discovery of hypnosis. But vashikaran and hypnosis are considered almost synchronous in Indian contexts.

7. The person gets hypnotized

Using different types of mantras and art it is possible to attractsomeone, but do you know that when a person gets hypnotized, then what is the condition of him? How does he feel? Which world does he go to? Does his whole body stop working?

8. Science and hypnotism

Science says that during, the senses of the mind and the brain of the person are controlled by the hypnotist, but still many senses of his body remain under his own control. That is, even after being hypnotized, he can talk, move hands and feet, and can also understand and answer the hypnotist’s questions.

9. Come out of the conscious mind

Whenever a person is hypnotized, his conscious mind first stops working and the world of his unconscious mind becomes real. Now he can tell the hypnotist all the things that which his conscious mind was reluctant to tell. Thus the hypnotist comes to know all the hidden matters in the hypnotisedperson’s mind.

10. Share experiences

Many hypnotized people also share their experiences when they become conscious. He explains that he felt like he wants to sleep. His eyes are closed but the brain is awake. He’s listening and understanding someone’s voice from far and wide. The hypnotized person feels around himself, in the same way that a blurred shadow occurs in dreams.

11. Two to three hours

Science believes that a person cannot be hypnotised for more than 3-4 hoursno matter how much effort the hypnotist exerts. After this time the person himself begins to open the eyes. Psychologists use hypnosis to treat diseases.

12. Hypnosis with herbs

Many times the patients are afraid to carry out the operation, so in this case they are hypnotized. Apart from this, hypnosis is also used in science for various reasons. But do you know that hypnosis is possible even with herbs and you too can do it?

13. Use of substances

Hypnotizing with herbs means getting the power to hypnotize using these substances. That is, if you use the materials described as directed, you can also hypnotize anyone.

13. Hypnotising cream

To do this, a cream of various herbs are prepared, which is also called as hypnotising cream. First make the white blurry leaves and grind the root of Brahmadandi. After preparing the cream, it is necessary to say a mantra. Chanting this mantra counting the beads of a garland one round can purify the cream.

14. Chanting of mantra

After preparing the cream, chant the mantra counting beads of the garland – ‘‘om udaamareshvaraay sarv jagamohanaay, am aam in ee um oom rn rn phat svaaha.’’ After this, apply the cream on the body. By doing so, the other person feels getting hypnotized by you. You can also chant the above mantra while collecting the blurred leaves for preparing the cream.

15. Power of Hypnosis

There is another way in which the power of hypnosis can be obtained. Dry tulsi leaves in shade and mix it with cannabis seeds and fragrance and grind along with cow’s milk. After grinding it nicely, mix with soil and make pills. The size of this tablet should be small.

16. Chanting of rosary

After this, chant the above mentioned mantra counting the garland beads and put it over the pills to purify it. After doing this for a short time, these pills are ready to consume. Regularly a tablet can be eaten in the morning. The effect of hypnosis is generated using this tablet. Apart from pill, through a sheer injection also the power of hypnosis can be gained.

17. Purify by mantra

First of all, mix the powder of sindoorn, White grass, Nagarbale leaf and prepare a paste. Purify this paste by chanting the above mentioned mantra and apply as a mark on the forehead. Doing this results in hypnosis effect.

18. Hypnotism by applying tilak

Along with this, the effect of hypnosis can also be acquired by the help of orpiment and fragrance. Make a paste of orpiment and fragrance and by grinding it along with banana juice and purify it with this mantra. The miracle of hypnosis is obvious on applying tilak of this paste. Apart from this, the siddha lep is also considered to be the best for hypnosis which is made by grinding ghee, kua and medhaasingee jalabhaangara.

19. The amazing wonders of hypnosis

Another further way to create hypnosis effect is to mix sindoor and banana juice together with peas and grate them together and make a paste. After this chant the above mentioned mantra and put maala over it around and tilak it. This Tilak shows the wonderful miracles of hypnosis. In addition to Tilak, applying the paste on the eyes also gives the power of hypnosis.



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