This Tilak Gives ‘Divine Attractive Power’ If Applied Daily


Several ways have been found in Hindu scriptures to attract somebody to you. They are commonly known as ‘Vashikaran’ method, but also warns that it should not be misused, otherwise it is also inversely reversed.

Today we are going to tell you a simple but effective method of attracting someone with the use of Kapoor. If this measure is done for a few days continuously, then it exposes a divine power in the seeker and the person who sees it cannot live without being attracted to him.

According to the solution, prepare a mixture by mixing kapoor or Mansil in banana juice and apply it on your forehead like Tilak this morning. Only if the real mansil is used will it work.
This remedy shows its effect within a few days from day to day and produces an impressive divine attraction in the seeker. People are attracted to him by seeing such a seeker in his eyes. But do not misuse this method by mistake, otherwise it can ruin the future of the seeker. If such a remedy is used for someone’s good, it also works very quickly and also makes it successful in the work

Try Black Turmeric At The Night Of Holy

Black Turmeric

Black turmeric looks like light black from inside , and its plant is similar to the Kelli. Black turmeric has a very beneficial effect. It has amazing ability of vashikaran. In plate keep kanku, rice, agarbathi and a pot of pure water. Also go wearing a holy white dress. Then wash the plant with pure water and offer the Kanku and take the yellow rice and light 5 incense sticks and say – I have come to you to fulfill your wish. Tomorrow you have to come with me to fulfill my wish. Then go again on the Holi’s night and offer a pot of water and say that I have come to you, now you should come with me to fulfil my wish.

In this way , saying this dig the black turmeric (along with root) out and bring it. That’s what your job is. If a person is always unwell in the family, then make 2 pedas with gram flour on the first Thursday. In this add lentils of wet gram, jaggery and grounded black turmeric in it. Rotate it over the patient seven times and feed it to the cow. This measure will give amazing benefits by doing it on 3 consecutive thursdays. If somebody’s evil eye falls on a person or child, wrap black turmeric in a black cloth and rotate it seven times over him and throw it in running water.

If in the horoscope, if guru and saturn are on opposite leading to bad effect, then do this remedy : these two planets will give good results if you apply tilak on first thursday of the month of shukla. If somebody gets enormous amount of money without stopping then he has to do this remedy : On first friday of the month of shukla, put black turmeric, naagkesar and sindoor in a silver vessel and make it touch the feet of goddess lakshmi and keep it in the place where you keep your money and cash. With this measure money will stop.



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