This Vashikaran Mantra Can Control Many People Together At A Time


1. Influence of moolankh and bhagyankh on a person’s life.

Today, according to the new generation of young people, there is a belief that what is in the name. But do you know that your name has a great effect on your personality. According to the numerologists, ??the name also influences the life of an individual similar to the way the radix and the destiny influences his life.

2. It’s easy to control someone with their name

It is easy to control someone, whose name starts with any of the letter in the English alphabets. Using the tricks of Vashikaran Mantra, it is easy to hypnotise anyone. By doing name vashikaran, you can control that person to do any works as per your wish.

3. Tricks To Know

It is important to know about the astrological remedies or tricks of name vashikaran before learning how to do name vashikaran. With the help of some simple tricks and mantras, any person can be controlled by using their name.

4. How To Do Vashikaran With Name

Vashikaran through name is done to control a person and make him do works according to your wish. Write the name of the person you want to control on a blank paper and wrap it in a black cloth. Write ohm on it with red ink and chant the mantra written down to 21 times daily for 7 days. Name Vashikaran Mantra – om haareem kuroom pisachinee (Say the name of the person to be controlled) man vashiyam bhavanti”.

5. How To Do Vashikaran With Name

If you are unable to get your love or unable to convince the angry friend, then try this trick. Friday is appropriate for this mantra, so from this day you start chanting mantra. You have to do this experiment for 7 times during every Fridays. For this, you will need seven betel leaves, water and sindoor. Write on each leaf, the name of the person you want to make yours and make a bundle of paan and throw sindoor on it. Now immerse these leaves in water in a bowl. After that, rotate the paan bundle from top to right to left around your body and throw it far away. After taking these steps, go to the person you want to control. The Mantra is – “Om Kaleem Krishnay”.

6. How To Do Vashikaran With Name

Many times people want to control more than one person at a time, and it seems necessary mostly in office etc. Take the number of people you want to control and take that much number of dry betel. Now, on a white paper, write the names of all the people you want to control. Now take a black cloth and wrap all the suparis and papers in it. Keep this bundle in front of you and chant the mantra written below for 121 times.
“om namo naaraanaay sarv lokaan mam vashay kuru kuru svah”.



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