This Vashikaran Mantra Is Effective From Getting Your Girlfriend To A Victory In The Lawsuit


1. Get rid of problems

If you are troubled by your love life or any family and social problems, then adopt a few special vashikaran mantra. Regular chanting of these mantras can help you solve all your problems. These mantras are so effective that following these rituals for one week itself can make you win your angry girlfriend or any lawsuit that had been going on for years.

2. Woman vashikaran mantra

If you love a woman and want to make her a life partner, then you chant the woman’s vashikaran mantra. This mantra is something like this. – “oon kleen amukan mam vashan kuru kuru svaaha.”

3. Chanting method

Chant the mantra 1100 times every day for a week. Simultaneously, write the mantra for 2000 times on a paper and keep it inside a tawiz and wear it on the body. While reciting the Mantra, say the name of the woman you love in place of so. By chanting this mantra regularly, you will get your love soon.

4. Girlfriend – boyfriend vashikaran mantra

If you love someone a lot, but he has gone away from you, then you can get him back through special kind of Vashikaran mantra. For this, you have to chant the mantra
“oon namo naaraayanaay sarv lokaan mam vashy kuru kuru svaaha”.

5. How to read mantras

This mantra should be chant for a week especially on Tuesdays. The mantra should be chanted at five in the morning for better results. Chanting the mantra for 21 times, will fulfill the wishes.

6. Mantra to attract your husband

If your husband is not loyal to you, he is in relation with an exotic woman, in such a situation, you can use Pan Vashikaran Mantra to control your husband. This mantra is as follows: “oon kaam-kaam maalini pati mein vash manae thaah”.

7. Method of mantra

Read this mantra for 21 days. Daily chant 108 beads of a garland for 10 times. Its effect will be visible within a week, but complete it for two weeks.

8. Bring Mother-in-law in your control

Often there comes news of disputes between mother- in-law and daughter-in-law. Mother-in-law’s tones makes the life of daughter-in-law miserable. If you are also troubled by your mother-in-law’s behaviour, then use this Vashikaran Mantra to control the mother-in-law. The mantra is as follows: “ame jaala milel phale tatr pravesha.”

9. Chant like this

Read this mantra daily during early morning. Be sure to take bath before reading the mantra. Chant the mantra for 21 consecutive days. This will make your mother-in-law to listen you and no more fights again.

10. Boss vashikaran mantra

If you are employed or doing business, then it is important to make officials and contractors happy inorder to get success. You can use this vashikaran mantra to get your work done by all of them. The mantra is as follows : “prakaar hai- oon hun hun chhon chhon da: mantr ka jap karen.”

11. Chanting with chain

For better results, this mantra should be read while sitting at the banks of the river , during the time solar eclipse. If there is no eclipse, then you can chant 10 pulses of this mantra by sitting under the peepal tree. When chanting, at the end of every mantra, you should say the name of the boss and say be in my control.

12. Keep the Advocate and the Judge in control

This Vasishikan Mantra can be used to get rid of the hassles of the court and win the trial. With the use of this mantra your lawyer and judge will not get mixed with the opposition party. They will be completely loyal to you. The mantra is as follows : “oon kleen beejaroopinyai mahaakaalikaaye kleen phat”

13. Read mantra in this way

The chanting of this mantra should be done by facing on the east direction. The mantra should start from Monday. While reading Mantra, keep a photo of Mother Kali in front. Read the mantra for 108 beads of garland for 21 times.



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