Vashikaran Mantra For Success


Man should always keep doing efforts in his work. But it could lead to eternity if man keep doing effort like this. He just thinks that I am doing this, which is enough, that could even continue to twenty or fifty years of life, it is also possible to erupt in the middle. For this reason, thinking that I am doing is not everything. Yet what is the first level? The man is doing his efforts in work.

It is called ‘present’. The word ‘present’ means the one who is keep doing the work. What is the second level? To reach the level above this stage, a determination is needed- “phalishyathithi vishwasom siddirpradham lakshmanam” – “I must get the success” such a resolution is the first condition to achieve success. Lord Buddha has practiced for a long time, but he took a pledge when he sat for practicing the second time. On this seat, even if my body will end, my bone, flesh, and leather will all collapse, I will not move in this seat until I get Bodhi knowledge. By making such a vow of commitment you should do your works. Then the second level starts.

What is the first initiative at that time? At that time, any one mental instinct can be controlled and the other cannot be controlled. After that, another mental instinct can be controlled at another time. Sometimes there is greed on the food item, not on the item to wear. This situation is called inter alia. Many monks have seen that they have abandoned everything and have come out of the house, but have not been able to cover the greed of food. If someone gives good to eat, they become very satisfied and there is also a monk who does not have greed for eating, but if no one comes and bow down, they become very angry. It is all a kind of weakness of mind. This is what is called interference. Here also they jump for work. The feeling is that I will do it, otherwise I will give off my life. Because now it is not possible to walk normally. After this the third level starts. Its name is ‘singular’. It has full control over one particular instinct.

That instinct is never awakened or he does not get down in it. Ekendriya is the complete control over a mental instinct ie one of instinct is fully under control. Just like we have complete control over the speech sense. What will be the result? Whatever he says will be the final result. It’s called Speech Siddhi. An instinct has been controlled. The name of this is ‘ekendriya’. The level after this is ‘Vashikaar’ . This is the final level. What happens in the condition of vashikaar? Now everything has come under his control. Now its purpose is to know. To know what was there twenty thousand years ago, his mind also went along twenty thousand years back and he knew what happened twenty thousand years ago. What is written on the pages of the so and so country’s so and so book? He sent his mind to it and found that it was written. This is the charam vashikaar siddhi.

People think- how much they know without knowing anything, do not know what all they have read. But that’s not the case. Everything came in the middle of his vashikaar. So when they want, they leave their mind there, in this state everything comes under his control. He found a kind of godliness. In this state, if he does not dedicate his power to the Supreme Lord, then what will be his condition? Due to this vashikaran, various capacities will arise in him and gradually ego will awake in him. He does not like it, he will curse him to do damage, and in this way, he will unknowingly fall to the lowest level. He will be devastated. For this reason, after fulfilling the vashikaar, the entire ace soul should be devoted to God. What will happen to him? He himself will become the absolute man. Together with the Supreme Lord, he will become one. This is the path of the human being, and in this way, the man is moving forward through the ladder, is still moving forward and will also move forward in the future.



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